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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get sis to take her Passport pic for her tomorrow's interview at cybermall.
Sienzzzz waiting for her, while waiting thought of hav smt light cos x eat since mornning till late afternoon due to class, so me & hubb go ordered waffle.
& we did some terrible thing, we ran off after ordering cos after looking on how dey bake those waffles, I got no appetize edi.

before running off, a free drinks where I hav to massage my arms for 5times..weird**

So after settling my stuff, thought hav dinner at puchong since there is super lots food dat never tried b4.

1) We have CENDOL...

2) I have oil stick with herbs & garlics flavour, OMG damn sedap man...its RM0.60 per stick. damn delicious damn.
I found face to face there & I pestered hubb to share a bowl there so we could hunt other food to eat.
He was lik OMG pan mee AGAIN??
4 types of chili to choose. I took de 2nd below on the left. sour yet spicy
chili flakes.

the Face to face specialities Dry spicy pan mee.
we ordered large bowl so dat we share , it was RM 6 nia.
& de portion is super large man...
I took 1/4 nia hehe cos I need to keep some space in stomach for other food
4) Papa Rich.

Milo Dinasour.
aiks aisk I thought its ice blended type like what we had in Village park@Damansara Uptown.
aiks despite form Rm 7.80 & small portion, melooving Village park with Rm5 & served in big portion....
Roti bakar le.....
from outside de butter looks ""BANYAK'""
U know what i meant by ""BANYAK "" rite.

& me kinda crazy today, entah y.
cos appetize so darn good.
5) supper at Kung Chu.
I had siew chou le.....share wif hubb.
n add something diff to our supper TIGER BEER>
 cozy place to have my beer to drink

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