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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jasmine's 21st Bday Pool Bash

Yet another Bday party.
How was de feeling of attending Bday bash 3days in a row.??
Tiring of cos. But this time I got to go to Menjalara form MMU.
Hubb says felt lik going home
AS time is limited, I did a simple Bday card for Jasmine.
We headed to Kepong around 715pm, so about 750pm we arrived.
Since its been a journey there, I cmwhored obviously. & eventually hubb says god de FLASH.
Sorry le de FLAH do helps in nite wei

& we reached at Jasmine's party with Jenny, Andrew, Yazrul & Marsha.
ARGH god it been way too long since I meet u guys.
THis is wat I grab- BIHUN, curry( not bad) but I think my mom's Curry better

So basically de environment was bit dull due to awkwardness I think,
so as usuall de SS group make hell lots of noise there

Yaz so cute, he is like doing his business by BUSHES le.
Ada jamban x mao guna ish...................
ME love CANDY-DID piccsss

haha damn funny dis pic...sis looks so wicked.
pic ini Andrew ambil de............
I saw dat gurl & I was lik "omg she is damn tall"

Jenny Chong & Jasmine Chan (the couzz)
Samantha, Jasmine, Jenny, Cecilia
me & sis/
I love the effect of the pic but den somehow MArsha tryin to do diff smile that we usually do.haha
She somehow looks lik those BOND girl giving a salute
1st pic - Kjun not looking
2nd pic- Sam not looking
Finally dey look at the lense.

ANyhow time to blow off those 21 away

Jas says her fren made this cake especially for her.
Sweet not??
saw that photographer??
dis tu macam kata '; closer closer & look up here, sqeezzz closer closer,
x habis habis kata closer.
itu babi syaitan macam tu le..showing aksi aksi Y amat sakai betul tu
dia tu.
me & hubb.

Since we are at pool party, Y not take pic by poool''sam asked''
this is de best shot of 3of us.
marsha with her x habis habis weird hair, samantha & I
Hubb says her expression macam kena sakit jantung 

2nd Round ~ SPICY

de taste was EWWWW. haha
me le mix mix
Roti telur cheese.
rupanya ppl who work there knows how to listen to ''minpao, kaitan, add chess''.
gneg -ness
3rd round- FITOU ( Desa Park City)

o me love the effect & I eventually ask him to take for me.
& out of so many pic, non of it has this efect.
Hubb u char le ahhaha

Believe it o not, hubb asked me to stop CAMWHORING>
oppsie, I ss weert


  1. walau...
    u really ss lah..

    wah ur room got long mirror..
    mine dun have..

  2. dont le jealous... wakakaakak
    duh ur house got rite
    go shift it to ur room