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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Papa Rich & Uncle John@Puchong. Wendy@ Sunway

Breakfast : KOPITIAM again.

This time Uncle John @ Puchong.

my sleepy lburly face.

Hot chocolate Rm2.80
2layers roti bakar with kaya+Butter.
NAsi lemak special Uncle JOhn.
Soso nia those food, but its weird cos in Curve, Uncle john's nasi lemak sedap man.

2nd stop: Papa Rich again
I kept on pressing wei, think those waiterssss piss off hehe**
super variarty foodssss
Papa Cham Rm4.80
HArd Boil Eggs
Toast bread with Kaya+Butter..

So after breakfast, drive back MMU for my upcoming last class of today.
After class, balik kampuang
& we did tease CEO all the way till puchong bout Fay 
& we pester CEO to call Fay out for lunch.....
We did not know what to have......& WENDY is the one.

Genis's food!!!
She tooks hours to finish this up....god
Fries & nugget....the size of the fries is slightly bigger than usual & its lil bit salty
chesse burger..
wei de beef DAMN HUGE rite?????????????????????????????????

de boring-ness, sien-ness journy back home cos I & Genie eventually bagi wrong direction balik rumah, so we got to take one big BIG BIG BIG round oni reach rumah.

I was so bored in de car, so I eventually jus take pic here, there & everywhere

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