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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anyone wanna battle boredom?

Most people blame boredom on the circumstances ( I'm one of it, I cant really help it) & of cos level of boredom varies in different peoples. But yet I'm complaining that I am Bored. Anyone wanna battle boredom???

Just in this humid afternoon, I decided to go back to my condo for a afternoon nap. Not to say that I even made a few dreams where I was unconsciousus about the time passing in a twinkle of an eye. gosh :( Yet I'm late for my computer programming class at 4pm. I was in dilemma weather ''to go'' or ''not to go'' for the class since that I'm late already. BLAME it all on my laziness le. Till when Darl questioned me about my upcoming class at 4pm which she says to be difficult (cos I had been complaining to her before) plus Leong called me up asking where I'm I?. Gosh I made up my mind, I go for the class. In such quiet, bright lecture room, I begin frustrating fight against fatigue. The overhead projector hums and I barely concentrate on the slides. I did absorb less information bout those programming thingy and doodle mindlessly. I think my lecturer lost my eons long time ago:) hehe. Yea I'm bored at that time


Right now I'm all alone in this condo. Everyone seems MIA.
Not to say I could do crazy things like throw on some Mexican wrestling masks and scare the hell out of night joggers. ( I tried before wen I was way younger :) haha ) or I could turn on music to the MAX using vic's desktop ( Too bad:( PPl complained before about that matter).
Sign :( Maybe I just stick on my stupid Math programming instead for tomorrow's math Quiz.
I hope the question is ain't tough cos the lecture :( aiks.cocky shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had been thinkin recently about my BANGS.
WOndering to HAVE bangs or NOT to have bangs???
I kinda miss it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally the MOVIE of the Year I had been longing for :)
Bet U do too yea:)
Trabsformer "The Fallen"- Action/Adventure/Science fiction.
I rate it 4.5/5 wooot~~
I had my midnight movie on 2day itself with Grace & Lancelot****thanks lot le kay.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

.A universal celebration Father's day - day honoring fathers,
Well nothing fancy this year, as dad was super duper busy for his preparation on upcoming QiGong's Convension in Genting.
Just a slight simple dinner that represent from our heart ^^
Mom is trying out her new BOTOX'' konon-nya
while dad is________(looka t the pic urself la)
We went over to nearby Maluri's night market to have our porridge.
We went there at 6pm, cos usually start to be pack with humans around 7pm.
We had mixed pork, frog & fish.

sedap babi gila. hahaha its a spicy frog

HIs pestered look wen I tried so hard go up, down ,left, right to take his pic.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cheat your way to the new you!!!!
well I'm kinda fall into this statement, like a mystic.

Holiday parties are over due to new sem but that does not mean that its Armageddon
So, I'm off to Food Foundry for some sweetening tooth treats for my Mid-evening snacks with the loves one.
There were a moment where the waiter arrives with our my IcePeachTea, so we were left in an awkward moment of silence as he lays out two napkins, sets down our glasses, and asked if we'd like anything else.
''We are Fine''.-------------------pretty weird moment.

We tried the cupcakes,
Not that it fools me that if looks mouth-wathering.
But it's taste like more to a scones more than a cupcakes.
If u know what scones is, den U might know what im telling here.
I also have layer choco cake.
(I forgot what's de exact name & there is no pic:( cos I was ovver-excited to try but it is not as good as de Vanilla)

Aint I lucky enough, I do have a car driver of today = Angeline**wink wink***
I have funs in de car disturbing & teasing her all de way back home.

ouch buttons love it, next time "U" must remind me to take ur versace's jeans buttons!!!!!!!
last But not the least

Malacca NiteTrip:)

Been busy spending time with ''him'' hehe:)
it explain so much on the delay of my post where I should post on wed

A nitetrip to Malacca aka Historical State :)
Meet up with Levin-sama & soon as well.
hehe can get to see ''him'' wooot~~~~~
Ceo's Darlie shining teeth!!!!!!!
camwhoring ends:( hehe..
too bad:( on the journey to malacca, we stop by at near Pedas for petrol hunting,
lucky us phewwww
and we saw this beautiful sunset on way back after back from Pedas for petrol hunting.
Once reached malacca, we pick Levin & soon up as long as ''him''
for dinner Bak Kut Teh, beef or pork choices:)
too bad no pics, de beef was awwwsome**wink wink*
Later after dinner, off to look for cendol.
yet a dissapointment, no cendol makan:(
SO end up to Arena, jetty there for Karaoke session, it has been a long time since my last Karaoke session with my form5 frens.
I do not know what is this call, but eventually we took this to GOGO powerranger!!! hehe
dont understand? dont evne bother.
Oni my group knows what does that mean.:)
the view of the jetty.
pic credits to soon***
time for groupie pics...................
Now we reached at Gogo Power ranger!!!!!!!!!!!
damn it, malacca K-session is so damn cheap man!! goshhhh

super at mamak hehe

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yea through pictures, obviously you get the picture that I have lots of fun in my new apartments.
*grinsss* i own my own aprtment with a bunch of friend of mine**weee~~~
Syok sendiri-ing now.
But thats the fact, the naked truth that I do have a lots of fun even I was cleaning the unit itself.
New sem, gosh time passes real fast like a lighting speed.
Cant even imagine those timeline & those funs I have with my friends when we first met last 3sems.
argh. bla bla.
that's all Im gonna b- log@@''