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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anyone wanna battle boredom?

Most people blame boredom on the circumstances ( I'm one of it, I cant really help it) & of cos level of boredom varies in different peoples. But yet I'm complaining that I am Bored. Anyone wanna battle boredom???

Just in this humid afternoon, I decided to go back to my condo for a afternoon nap. Not to say that I even made a few dreams where I was unconsciousus about the time passing in a twinkle of an eye. gosh :( Yet I'm late for my computer programming class at 4pm. I was in dilemma weather ''to go'' or ''not to go'' for the class since that I'm late already. BLAME it all on my laziness le. Till when Darl questioned me about my upcoming class at 4pm which she says to be difficult (cos I had been complaining to her before) plus Leong called me up asking where I'm I?. Gosh I made up my mind, I go for the class. In such quiet, bright lecture room, I begin frustrating fight against fatigue. The overhead projector hums and I barely concentrate on the slides. I did absorb less information bout those programming thingy and doodle mindlessly. I think my lecturer lost my eons long time ago:) hehe. Yea I'm bored at that time


Right now I'm all alone in this condo. Everyone seems MIA.
Not to say I could do crazy things like throw on some Mexican wrestling masks and scare the hell out of night joggers. ( I tried before wen I was way younger :) haha ) or I could turn on music to the MAX using vic's desktop ( Too bad:( PPl complained before about that matter).
Sign :( Maybe I just stick on my stupid Math programming instead for tomorrow's math Quiz.
I hope the question is ain't tough cos the lecture :( aiks.cocky shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had been thinkin recently about my BANGS.
WOndering to HAVE bangs or NOT to have bangs???
I kinda miss it.

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