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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Athena@ Pavillion, Krispy Kreme@ Times Square

Date with ''him'' before he took of to Thailand tomorrow morning**gonna Miss u mucho**
Despite super lots of complaining from me taking train, I do have a good time walking around here & there.
pre shot in Monorail.

Once reach Pavillion, off to choose where to hav lunch cos got a lunch date with my dear sister who is working nearby pavillion as an intern.
So I grab an ice-cream of Gelato to drown myself into ice cold ice cream.

SO this is what we came to a decision, Athena, Modern Mediterranean Dining.
they offer a lunch express promotion, & it worth the every Ringgit.
Main course
dessert(strawberry with ice-cream or Tiramisu)
soup of the day
add drink (pay Rm4)

And add 2of my sister friend who came for the interview for their inters.
ah ho & ah Lam
my add on RM4- Ice lemon tea.
the starter- soup of the day, Tomato soup.
-it was serve in large, heavly tomatoes-

While waiting for the main course, as always what HUMANS do when they have CAMERAS on hand.
Turkey Ham carbonara
-cream pasta carbonara served with turkey ham-
RM 19.90 (+soup+dessert)
~the creamy gravy rich with cheese and milk, & it was a good pick to those cheese lovers~
Spaghetti Alla Cortocio
-spaghetti in a seafood broth flavoured with capers olives with pimentos served in a tomato basil base- Rm21.90.
Pasta Aglio Olio Salmon
-pasta with garlic oil and smoked salmon- RM19.90
~it was worth every penny for those huge portion salmo served, but a lil bit oily~

my MEditerranean Fish Fillet
-Grilled John Dory seasoned with special spices served with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables- RM22.90
~ the fish is well marinated & the portion is huge & the taste is perfect, recommend for fish lovers~

Authentic Mediterranean Beef
-Aromatic beef sirloin served with balsamic vinegar and black pepper sauce served with Mashed potatoes- RM22.90
**the exact price for this on ala carte is RM35.**
The steak dish is a bomb! piece of meat was cooked to medium rare perfection. The taste ; so tender, great taste, juicy with the added sauce.
the complimentary dessert: Tiramisu ( coffee flavoured lady fingers with mascarpone cheese)
dessert: Spicy strawberry ( strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar and served with mascarpone cheese flavoured).

After those amazing lunch, we head off to supermarket to grab chips.
MOVIE, Terminator Salvation 4

OMG rate 4/5....4/5*****

Go shop while** cant stand** wat to do hand itchy
After that head off to Times Square for KRISPY KREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
choices of my fav DOnut.

we were actually too bored, cos been waiting for sister to off duty le.
& the result: camwhore lots!!!!!

Nite: jalan jalan at night market with sister & jenny chong

have a safe trip with family in Thai.
dont think or touch guys trap in girls body ar.

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