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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bernards@Central Point

Birthday parties are always fun, but if it is a 21st birthday, there is of cause a lot more freedom and excitement to happen.
We celeb Wei Keat's 21st Belated Birthday with an unforgettable birthday lil party among us at Bernards@Central Point.

me love Heineken**
Time for CEO to have his blowjob!!!!!!!!!!

woot~ his fav cocktail''- BLOWJOB

Birthday boy loving it as well.
**awww so sweet so gay***
Birthday boy's shooter

told ya he do love BLOWJOB as well.
my Fav Frozen Magarita.
Still then, I stil prefer sunway's Magarita.
look at US , I freaking HOT in there.
pss::Im not drunk. Im just tipsy.
Cecilia.Genie.WeiKeat @ Birthday boy.
Genie-Levin-Ceo-Wei Keat.
the late comer, Victor.
OMG Baskin Robbins's ice cream cake so damn___________________***
Rm100 wasted!! flush down into the drain.

till then the cake is still eatable.
gosh I got to teach VIC how to open his big mouth in order to feed him.

how is taller????????????????????????????????????????????
more to come........................
too high pitch.Italic
due to(saw de effect?)
Blue Hawaiiiii
Dont even ask me why on earth they pose?
From ''Drinking game'' to ''Truth or Dare''. I have some pics here. **teehee*:)
Looking at them cutting loose on themselves & enjoy the time of thier lives with these games.
1. WK has to *ahem* guys we keep it to ourselves yea :)
2. Levin ( pic below), poke right to his ''BREAST'' using fork.
-genie & I do the honour-
3. Ceo accompanied by Birthday Boy, WK doing sotong dance for 10seconds.
4. Vicky, Icky, Micky aka Victor doing pumping 10times.***
5. No pic taken** haha as Me & Genie french kissed dared by Wk, Levin.
-yummy- can I do it again???????

wata fun night we have.
And again
Happy Belated 21st Birthday to you Wei Keat.


  1. Teehee~ I'm back with me lappy. So now I would continue to spam ya bloggy.

  2. Za dao.
    spam ur sis &Levin le. wakakaaka.