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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

D'fortune, Menjalara

After those tiring house cleaning**I get the pic soon from CEO*, thought of trying out wat I had been looking for years.
D'Fortune- Wester cuisane & cafe, Menjalara.
the initial door gift.

the ambience was pretty cozy & I do love the decoration of the ceiling on how they work with the curtains & chandeliers.

the ''super'' carrot milk juice.

Cheese and salmon roll.
Oven Baked Escargot
-spicy escargot baked with herb butter and cheese-
I have 6 of it means 1/2 dozen- RM12.80
*pretty dissapointing on how the overcook the cheese, aint as tender*

But I stiill lovessssssssssssss it.

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