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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kluang station@1u, Riblees@Desa Sri Hartamas.

Before date with boyfriend to 1u, gotta shift stuff to apartment at cyber ( as u know me, I got super lots of stuff) hehe:). phewww de house kinda messy, aint how it looks like the very last day I do house cleaning.

He had our lunch at Kluang Station.
Since that I never get a chance to Johor for authentic Kluang Station's food.
I find replacement here....

he is thinking , thinking, and thinking, thinking hard, and thinking very hard
charm Ice.

de added photoes that I worked on yesterday nite.
can u do this??????
No u cant.
my mee siam.
ale I still prefer my mom's mee siam le.
taste much more better.
more sour & spicy!!! & that's how u do it.
curry lamb & nasi putih.
wholemeal bread toast
Bun toast.

bought a Green Tea Ice-cream at Shojikiya since they are doing promotion
& I bought my FAV HELLO PANDA, 3flavour in 1packet.***hehe8*

*Drag me to hell*
Christine Brown has a good job
a great boyfriend , a bright future
But in three days,
she is going to hell.
-but its all due to her selfishness for sake of fighting the assistant manager position-
lesson learned- do help ppl who is deperate for help, who might know u might b cursed one day

Head to Desa Sri Hartamas @ Riblees.
I know Im bad that I rejected the offer from "his"parent for dinner at Rawang.
Cos its a lil to far & there is relatives there:(..........:)

jum jum order order.

Escargots- a platter of baked escargots in our aromatic garlic&herb cream sauce served with toast half dozen escargots. (RM14.90)
*thier strong & spices of garlic & herb cream makes me thrill for more*

he has his
Classic American Babyback-The classic half slab/full slab of pure rich experience, served with fries & tidewater coleslaw.
*delicious, its not like the other rib that marinated, this is just added spices to the babybacknd it had a little bit spicy*yummy*

I have my
Oregano Roast Lamb(limited portions daily)- Perfectly roasted boneless lamb shoulder marinated with oregano and spices served with side salad & sauteed herb potatoes.
*woot~~ huge portion they served no matter in salad or lamb.it balanced up everything*

oh boy!! we manage to finish it up.
Thanks to "HIM" haha. & u know what I meant.
Bill up to Rm100.96.
In gereral, there is more to grilling a steak than simply throwing it onto the grill pan and a good,cozy atmosphere & dim lights.
too bad I did not try the house wine, :(.
I will one day, lets see when****
Okie so after the 'candle light' dinner, straight head off back home where Hubby stay awhile

a peak for u.
It's just a 'peak'

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