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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Malacca NiteTrip:)

Been busy spending time with ''him'' hehe:)
it explain so much on the delay of my post where I should post on wed

A nitetrip to Malacca aka Historical State :)
Meet up with Levin-sama & soon as well.
hehe can get to see ''him'' wooot~~~~~
Ceo's Darlie shining teeth!!!!!!!
camwhoring ends:( hehe..
too bad:( on the journey to malacca, we stop by at near Pedas for petrol hunting,
lucky us phewwww
and we saw this beautiful sunset on way back after back from Pedas for petrol hunting.
Once reached malacca, we pick Levin & soon up as long as ''him''
for dinner Bak Kut Teh, beef or pork choices:)
too bad no pics, de beef was awwwsome**wink wink*
Later after dinner, off to look for cendol.
yet a dissapointment, no cendol makan:(
SO end up to Arena, jetty there for Karaoke session, it has been a long time since my last Karaoke session with my form5 frens.
I do not know what is this call, but eventually we took this to GOGO powerranger!!! hehe
dont understand? dont evne bother.
Oni my group knows what does that mean.:)
the view of the jetty.
pic credits to soon***
time for groupie pics...................
Now we reached at Gogo Power ranger!!!!!!!!!!!
damn it, malacca K-session is so damn cheap man!! goshhhh

super at mamak hehe

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