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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ole-Ole Bali@ Mont Kiara, Alexis@ Bangsar Telawi

Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for my Darlzz.
Ever heard of that? :)
For all of our planning since day 1, finally we came to a time to fulfillment.
I know I been bad to disturbe u guys dating/not dating le :)
We went from Hartamas-Mont Kiara-Bangsar.Woot***
After those accident, still that she still can drive out*cool**
BUt driving skill bit #scary# hehe.
ONce we reached at MOnt Kiara, we walk around then came to where Genie ask for lunch & at first we choose Departure Lounge.
As usual taking here,there & everywhere.By then, we walked off form the place & we head on to Ole-Ole Bali :)
I think the worker there must be cursing behind our back already for walkin off like that.
But I hope I can try one day**lets see when**

:::Darlz showing off the fair complexion:::
In general, the environment there pretty good, lots of balinese decorations & I love the dim lighting( Wei Keat complain on why is the light not even bright).

By looking at his sitting position, pretty comfy rite?????

Ice Blended Pulut Hitam- Authentic Balinese Flavour
My morning mocktail
Cucumber & Passionfruit Mojito- Fresh cucumber ,chili, Pineapple juice, Monim Mojito and passionfruit syrup.
closer close ** pss: de drink is absolutly nice**
Nasi campur- consists sate lilit, kangkung, rice, prawn, grilled fish, squids, served with sambal metah.
*de portion & de food is not as what I expected with the pricing, I still go for Bumbu Bali*
BBQ Grilled fish(Rm26).

After lunch, we head off to Bangsar.
As Darl driving, smt very funny happens.
It happen when I ask darl to take a coming U-turn, & she take a sudden break where I and Wei Keat were asking wats wrong with the sudden break. It turns out that she wanted to take a U-turn on a pedestrian crossing.::hahaha:::
I had lost count on how many turns did Genie took to look for a parking.
Shop for so long pun x jumpa ape ape I suka.
:( oni bought one:(
Anywhere, time for tea time..
I never failed to go back for cakes in ALEXIS.

::;teaching me how to read ABC::: hahaha
thanks to WEI KEAT to the fork effect he did :( :)
Cecilia & Wei Keat.
Virgin Mary Mocktail- tomato juice, spices & tabasco (RM19)
-it do taste like bolognese sauce-
Pussy Foot Mocktail- lime, orange & grapefruit. (RM19)
Baby Love Mocktail - pineapple & coconut (RM19)
::according to Genie & Wei Keat, it taste like nasi lemak::
(duh mana ada)
Genie & Cecilia.
Mixed Berries.
Berries Love***

Blueberry Cheese cake.
Chocolate brownies topped with Vanila Ice-cream.


  1. No disturb "dating" la wei... lolzz.

    *Ahem* Complaint my infamous godlike driving skills here ah.. lolz.. Didn't you know that all the guys "admire" my F1 skills? XD

  2. woot..smart
    yes yes I been bad DISTURBING dem DATING haha.