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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tenji@Mont Kiara, Fat Kee@Menjalara

A lunch getaway to Tenji , gournment Japanese Buffet Rm39.90++.........
replicates a traditional Japanese home with clean, sleek and uncluttered interior.
*copy paste from TENJI BLOG* hehe
LEts the pictures lead you to my journey at Tenji*:)

Hubby not paying attention to the cam as he is busy looking at those foodssss

*his*greedy look -having soft crab*thumbs up*woot~~~*

Cod fish^^

After those food, 180 degree turn to dessert area.
Most of those cheese cake took by Hubby, dis tu greedy sangat..

*his* NEW fav cheese cake- Green Tea Cheese cake.

I think I drank up to 9-10 coconut .*slurps*

I love these shots...............

Nite: Celeb Pey Yun's 21st Birthday at Fat Kee@ Manjalara.
Crystal & Cecilia

I kastam bit bit haha


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