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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Charms @ 1u

Date with the bf on saturday:)
what a good day it is :)
It has way too long since our last date and we pick the nearest mall, 1u for our Transformer movie together- ( yea I know I watched, but no harm watching good movie again) and we camwhored in the car together
It has been 9months & a week and few days, gosh time passes like a lighting speed where in this period of time we bond anything together.
After queuing for movie ticket for about 20minutes, finally we settle down for our lunch to feed my starving bf:) at CHARMS & finally I got smt that I desired for so long:) thanks HUBBY
Ice Kacang Rm4.90
the cutie lil boy that I cant take my eyes offfffffff....
His Lamb Charmer for RM19.50
Lunch promo Mee Goreng Java Rm5.90
as always, the bf ignore me for his food :(

Off to movie at 3pm,
Right after movie, back to Hubby's house for Dinner:)
& as always I camwhored
(that is what every gurls do MAN)

pweeeee, we had our dinner finally after here&there.
I was feeding Bobby grape but he was playing with it :(
Since Bobby not eating the grape, Hubby asked to give hasky.
NAughty Bobby ran away with the grape & finally Hubby snatched the grape from Bobby & give it to Hasky

orry baby Bobby with the flash:(
OH Hapiness!!!!!!!!!!!! (gosh I start learning DR.NG's trademark)
Sister bought me&Hubb a GODIVA's Choco.
gosh It was IN HEAVEN
thanks sis.
I shall pester her to buy me more again. ahah

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