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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A date with Grace Chang:)

I had a blast with my lovey dovey Grace Chang:)
We had dinner at my condo & we have a awwwsome looking at one bunch of ppl "swimming" and we just chill there in the pool.
A dinner for 2
its a bit too much for two of us.
But I super suka Asam Fish and the Kangkung Belacan :)
We actually date each other for a swim at 630pm, but there were way too mant guys downt there.
Black guys, those mongolian guys and Iran guys.
argh, I had enough patience already, we had our dinner first.
But after the dinner, OMG with a blink of our naked eye,
there is no guys to be found but lots of girls.
So watcha been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovey dovey grace Chang
yours truly Cecilia.

There is some funny things that I saw during the 'rendam'' session haha.
There is a chinese guy with his short on.
The once he put his things down, he warp himself with a towel and took off his pants
**I was like HUH! ur living here & ur changing here***
Wat to my expectation that guy put on his swim wear & mayb it is so damn tight that he need to JUMP in order for him to wear it ON.
***we got stuned!!! wat the shit!!! If ur handsome okie la, too bad BUKAN-NYA handsome sangat***********
We in our soaking wet back to condo.

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