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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fidel's Cuban@ TTDI Plaza @ Besties & Lovers outing day :)

After the dinner at SS2 with the girls, a random spot for drinking session at Fidel's Cuban@TTDI Plaza.
Ouch finally, all the girlfriends present along with their boyfriends, sounds like a happy family to me:) Glad that Brian aka Audrey's bf could finally joined us.

The drink of the nite= Beer Tower
The game of the nite = Poker game@ Drinking game
Gosh we had so much fun, we laugh like we were given a laughing gas.
The love Bird 1- Xiang&Ping

Love Bird2 - CalvCeci
Love Bird 3- JunSam (nice sam???)
Love Bird 4- Brian&Audrey

I love this part where someone set a rule on "NO LAUGHING".
It is upmost unbelievable if there is no one laughing.
But end up me, Ping & Audrey went laughing during the game & the punishment "Bottoms Up"
the sad lil face:(
there is a proof that Xiang couldn't stand anymore longer but to burst out laughing like a hyena
His gf remain in serious mode

calvin, cecilia, angeline, alvin.
Gosh it rhymes.

samantha, my sister for 16years, imagine that!!
the foursome that never to be undeniable
audrey, angeline, cecilia, samantha

Right after Audrey and Brain went off for next round to their friends's Birthday and Angeline's bf went to loo, something happens:
Angeline did this when Alvin isnot around :)

LEt it be over, let the game resume>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

there is even more laughter than before probably because of me,
i was literally screaming like a lion saying that I wanan DANCE!! den I kinda roar.
By then I settle down, the guys laugh thier ass off to the floor ==''

Alvin's singature pose :)
I love my toilet pass poker :)
Samantha & K JUn
Angeline & Alvin
Cecilia & Calvin

We head to the next stop cos we just finish up the game= finished up the 2nd tower beer
we went in toilet camwhore.
Angeline & Cecilia
Alvin's blackforest bulu kaki, Samantha & cecilia
Alvin, Cecilia, Samantha
Cecilia, Alvin, Angline, Samantha & Calvin

Since it was 12am, and that Angeline got work on the very next day, so left sam & I.
We had been thinkin up & down & we finally settle down to Snookerrr which Im so bardly NOOB at it.
Poking ball is not my specialties. hahahah LOL
The leftover lovebird:
Samantha & Kjun
muacks ** I love u sister
Now let me show you how I poke those BALLSSSSSSSSS.......

number 12, lucky number? perhaps :)
K jUn been knocking on sam's asss hahaha
my extra lemon in my Ice Lemon Tea,
Thanks sis, how sweet of u.
Better than my bf who kept on poking BALLS

The one that I deeply fell in love with

Next round, since like when I hang out with my sister, I use to have a lots of rounds :)
Isnt that good:)
Off to Spicy for Supper,

yea after eating this mee goreng kosong which is so damn good!!!!!
Im serious, it was really damn good.

Too bad I vomitted out all these fringy noodles cos of the beer la.
Went home with hubby & I quickly doze off
Hubby been disturbing me sleeping :(

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