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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sangari 21st Bday

This post suppose to be long long long long time.
Like about 3weeks ago, got invited by my long lost baby gurl- Sangari who recently just move back to Damansara form Rawang :) mIss her Lots
21st Bday@ Chandran.
I drove Audrey over since that after the birthday party, we made plan for next session with Angeline as well, but tooo bad :( Samantha couldnt join us.
Yet again 4 of us couldnt reunite once more :(
We met up lots of our primary school-mates, feels so good to finally meet them back & we had been talk the hell lots stuff but current studies and our fun during primary school **aww so nice**

Sangari my baby gurl aka Birthday gurl
Kristina aka my former classmates since standard 4
Audrey & Lalitha
Angeline, Audrey. Kristina, Cecilia
Jasmine lee, Adrian Woon EEE & Kavi
His eye Ball HUGE!!!
Obviously si Audrey has jsut spoil the pic with my baby gurl here
Yazzz, Lalitha & Marsha

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