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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chamang WaterFall,Bentong @ Pahang

Woke up pretty early today for a road trip back to kampung:)
aku pergi tengok granpa ku!! ^^
GrandPa had been calling dad this few days about the family's picture we took during CNY,
**aiyoyo so impatience*
Ku tao dia nak tengok cucu dia :)
The picture Juju took during CNY, yes I have two grandMa!
me fooling and goofing around with grandPa's spec which currently the hot hot spec now

So I had been asking dad if he could bring us to the waterFall of Chamang,
Yes I you asked, I went to Bentong for a couple times in a year and honestly I never been to Chamang's WaterFall before* how pathetic yea*.
Since that Ah Ho came with us & he is a guest, its a privilege to bring him out to explore the Chamang's WaterFall :)
Do I sound like a good person?????? Say yes!!!^^
the very narrow & Isolated place :(
-and it is pretty dangerous-

Spider-webey act of his
perhaps his specialties???

There is few pictures I took.... It was beautiful of cause.
and Usually beautiful is also dangerous rite?
Yes it is, and VERY dangerous! There is a case of death at Chamang's WaterFall yesterday.
People that aren't around Bentong do not understand how slick the rocks are and those who are unfortunate fall to their death at the waterFall. Its a one sad story.
Waterfall is Dangerous!!

stick it up to your tongue!
It is not the actual colour of the rock, I was just testing on the saturation and it turns out to be nice too :)
saw that!!! Danger Zone

We walked over to the other side of the Waterfall which is much more Safe of cause!
and you need to walk across the hanging bridge!
How long I never walk on these bridge already man.
we strike a pose, and a very weird one

the big sister and I
yes I know I know, sucha poser I am!! :)
later that, after cleaning up at Grandpa's house, we knock off to one of Bentong's famous delicacies, Kow Po's coffee shop.
Thier ice-cream is HomeMadeIceCream man.
and it was in the paper

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