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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Delicious @ 1u

Dine with my beloved Birthday Babe, Crystal for her 21st Birthday(Belated).
Got to make it up for her somehow cause I did not join the rest for her celebration on last friday night.** I kat MOS*
So she drives me and Angeline Lee to 1u for Delicious.(I'm the one who paying, of cos she drives)
**heart her to the MAX**
Crystal Chong, my former secondary classmates for 2years in science class.

Angeline Lee & Cecilia.( a very gud fren of mine during these 2years period)


Banana smooties, Choclolate shakes & LemonGrassJuice
Duck COnfit

the ritual feeding Birthday Gurl
Tradisional Tomatoes.

Spicy Crab LGNI
Fried Potato

here I start all my Weird LOL poses.

Crystal Burday Brownies**smack that**

I just happen to *love* her, she is Hilarious!!!

us in Black+white OUtfit
By then we came out form Delicious, it was pretty late :)
We got to walk far far far away to look for thr car that Crystal park.
Crystal noticed that the mannequin were wearing all black+white just like us.

Happy Belated Birthday to Crystal MUackssss****xoxo

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