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Monday, August 31, 2009

how wasted

What had I been doing this days?
despite a 2hours shopping if sister at 1u, It does sounds crazy!
But sake for curing my temptation of shopping & a Lil pressie I need to get for my Birthday
Yes I did manage to steal something that caught my eyes ^^

lil black dress from ZARA
BTW this super uber nice car doesn't have a super uber nice owner.
Shit ass him!!
While I was waiting for parking which I found one, this bardly BMW's non human being wanted to take my parking space that I obviously put my "SINGAL" light
Pfff!!! wat hell earth is this human.
of cause I get my parking space that I had waited!!! phem!
Don't mess around though ur RICH, RICH doesn't mean you own everything okie!
You still need to wait kay!

and spending my Independence day doing Investment report assignmnet of KNM Group
& studying for my upcoming midterm, Computer Network.
that is how I spent my 2days time!
how wasted

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