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Saturday, August 1, 2009

KotaDamansara@ Pak Li & Super Kitchen

I do have an awwwsome nite at JUICE@MOS with one bunch of awwwsome dead to drop, hot to spot and cool to ????
The Neon+Adidas Fashion show, Joey G as an MC and a malay chick who can RAP
Its irresistible. Its indescribable.
Do post it up about that once I get those photos from a friend of mine :)

So lets get back to the post that I had been longing to do so, cheh war. I'm exaggerating here lil:)
Had lunch with Sammi since that we made a date for it.
SO we look out for TaiJie who is currently working at CelMonze@Kota Damansara.
Too bad she is not free cos she was over-booked by client:(

how cute she is in her uniform???
super cutie:)
the spicy Pan mee,
eww the chili flakes very salty gosh.
lets shop to drop baby:)

he just coulndt get enough o Michael Jackson's Printed TEE

Karang kita makan cendol kat Pak Li
Sedap kan Samantha?
sam: sedap gila

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