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Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Elephant & Casa Vino Cellar@Curve

Another meet up with my gurls before my life goes chaotic.
There had been a major misunderstanding between me & my gurls & bf as well.
Gosh this is not what I expected so far.
'He did not tell me this' & 'I did not tell him that' & he outcome is that two people with 2different planning.
But I'm glad that it does not affect our major linkage betwen the important one's.
So let's go to the Dinner that I had been longing to *smack*.


Audrey & Sammi.
Yea there is one person M.I.A.
that is not me of cause!!. Its angeline, caught her Red-Handed having dinner with Alvin in Jap Restrooo
Calvin & Cecilia
Samantha & K Jun
Audrey & Bri???????? where is Brian?

I barely remember the food's name cos all of us get our utensil's ready when the food arrived
we are like the hungry TIGER

K Jun: I would like to have such humongous rice for my dinner^^
the two crazy gurl join the club of it. LOL

The smacking hot piping mouth watering Green Curry.
It was the best dish of the NIGHT

OUr next stop to Casa Vino Cellar

LoveBird 1
LoveBird 2

my lil naughty camera's battery died when Angeline arrived.
I shall get the 4couple together from Alvin soon.

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