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Friday, August 28, 2009


God, three quizzes on the same day, please kill me!!
But off the hook, its all over for now, yea for now.
It's not OVER yet!
Having Mid-Term on this upcoming friday for my Database Management test.
In case you guys didn't know, I had Shingles.
Do not know what on earth is that?
Go "google", that is what googles ar for!!
It was commonly known as "sang seh" in Cantonese & yes I know it's dangerous & it's curable!!
(the article of Shingles, Educate yourselves!!)

In Western's - it is actually a mutated virus of a chicken pox and it is contagious :) (I'm smiling)
In Eastern's - it is caused by heat of the inner body, I'm too heaty & I agree with that.

I'm more than fine, just a few restriction on foods, means no good food eat for like 3months???
that's allot of days,
It is so not ideal at all!!!
lot's of stuff been going on like My friend's birthday, rahmadan foods!!!, my besties's birthday, my boyfriend's birthday and our 1st year anniversary!!!.
Phew, I cant even eat good food outside to celebrate.
Damn it, so not cool, or perhaps we stick it to Home-Cook-Food, I cook? oh yea!! :)

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