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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Samantha 21st bday @ d'italian kitchen

Tonight is the night and I hope it will be a night that Samantha remembers fondly in the years ahead. Turning 21 years old have seen a special day to Samantha's life throught many milestones. I know this gurl when we were in kindergarten and it has been a rough and sweet chapters to go throught. It is such a honour and a privilege that I finally can witness this amazing foster sister, Samantha of mine began her journey towards adulthood. I am superbe proud of you and may sis stay mind and sprit forever young and I LOVE you sis.


It never been any happier than other celebrations, Samantha picked me & bf up from cyber! yea, it was so on that she came for me all the way from Kepong to cyer to Jaya33 with her bf as a companions.
We were accompany by our amazing sister from another mother, Angeline for dinner.
It was a huge credit for her that she came right after work.
But too bad, Alex & Audrey cant attend

our complimentary drinks.
left: sky Juice, Earl-Gray Tea, American Coffee, and fresh apple juice(it was purely greenApple)
here is our beautiful Birthday Gurl, Samantha ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

a little groffing session set up the whole new level of mood
The bf with the birthday gurl
Angeline, cecilia & Calvin
Fresh Mushroom Cream Soup
-combination of button and shitake mushroom in cream soup base RM8.90-
*it was purely all rich mushroom, it blends well, & it was "a thing to order" for starter!!!
The Hawaian Pizza.
- I didint try it out but there is comments pros and cons about the cruz too thin and nt crispy enough.-
Creamy tomato pumkin soup
-roma tomato puree and pumkin in our special broth thickened with a dash of cream RM7.90-
*do remember to ask waiter to ass Black Pepper, it add on to the new level of taste*
Cheese Stuffed with cheese
-Ribeye of beef stuffed with cheese,char grilled topped with brown sauce and serve with sauteed potato and sauteed fresh mushroom RM38.90-
**it is one of Chef's recommendation, and it was really good, The chesse I must say it is genius, The tender and Juice Ribeye make you carve for more**

But too bad the portion is not enough~~~
the close up of the stuffed cheese placed in the middle of the Ribeye
crab meat linguini.
* i didnt get to try cause I cant take seafood for this temporary period, but sam says it was in a perfect crab meat taste & the portion is huge, you might need to share*
Mixed poultry platter.
-Chicken thigh stuffed with chicken and mushroom farce jumbo sausage and ham, mashed potatoes with french bean underneat-
*again, chicken, sob I cant consume chicken for now due P&C* but bf, sam, and angeline & even K Jun tried out for this, and comment about ham and sausage too salty, chicken thigh stuffed in chicken is in a weird taste**

So you guys get what im trying to deliver here right?

oh the carbonara, I happens to miss out the pic for carbonara. But carbonara with beef/chicken choice and shitale mushroom in crea sauce.RM20.90.
It was one of the Chef's recommendation**

Sorry folk no pic for that, but it is a great meal to try out too
lastly the birthday gurl with chocolate banana cake.
seriously, it was nothing so special bout the cake, it was literally a very very small slice of it and with banana on top with ice cream, I would rather go for Alexis cheese cake, and choco cake which served in a slice per each cake with RM14 each.
It much worth while rather than this RM16.90 with one lil piece of cake.

the girls
calvin & samantha
closed up

Okie After this, there is all nothin but camwhoring pictures.............................................

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