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Saturday, October 24, 2009

10th Day working :)

How bout my last day working xp?
I love how it sounds "last day" but it also indicate that my holiday is gonna end soon :(
Do i sound sentimental? haha Days like this usually felt weird you know.
Today is my last working day before a new semester of MMU. As working days go today is going to be pretty good. Least is something different than the other days.

So after the ritual morning tea, off to dad's factory.
This is the sealant.
**click on that to know more about it**
this is the machine to cut the aluminium
the close -up.

Later on continue on Puchong project, Casa Square.
Just so you know, there is a bridge built to connect the new building and the current one.
How was the view from the 8th floor? It was damn tired to climb up till 8th floor, no lift what a sad story. Anywhere this is not the story I'm gonna narrate here.
Yea I have a phobia I do admit. I have Acrophobia. which mean fear of height especially in a high place like *pic below*

-but it is more accurately described as a spinning sensation, which may be caused by looking down from a high place, as well as by some other stimuli. Vertigo is qualified as height vertigo when referring to dizziness triggered by heights.-

Remember I told you about the aluminium composite panel by SEVENBOND. The construction worker now is applying sealant over the panel to tighten the nut and cranny, prevent penetration of air, gas, noise, dusk, fire or liquid. Typically it is used to over the small nut and cranny where other material could not been used.

the applied sealant
used kinfe to press on the sealant into tighter

on yea remember I said something about the rectangular solid type of plaster( click on it), here is it. Picture above shows the one that I had been referring too.

-Plaster may also be used to create complex detailing for use in room interiors. These may be geometric (simulating wood or stone) or naturalistic (simulating leaves, vines, and flowers) These are also often used to simulate wood or stone detailing found in more substantial buildings.-

how was the view from the 8th floor?

oh how creative, How come I never thought of that. Putting a plastic chair instead of the soft type of chair. MIAO!!

Lets waste no time, to Interlock factory at Sunway for powder coating(click on it) sample.
There are steps to deliver the promising goods.
First- the raw material of the aluminium ready
Second- oxidising the material

the colour of the powder coating is actually up to the client's preference. It has varieties of colours to spray on the aluminium
the material is ready now!
Went over to the DWP's manager's house at Tropicana for the on-going project of glass garden roof. The houses in Tropicana is damn Bradly awesome, I must hit my head to the wall, it's TROPICANA I'm referring too what. It's all worth million dollar house baby!!!!

Below are some of the examples of the houses.....................

Later on, dad going over to Sime Darby Convention Centre@ Mont Kiara for meeting with the main con about the next coming project. It was damn bored okie and I loiter around. There is two restaurant one is Chinese cuisine and another is Malay cuisine. There is also a grand Ballroom where TESCO is having Black & Silver party function there.

the drawing plan
So date with the bf since his dad asked me over dinner. pffff. I didn't know is this kind of dinner, a charity Dinner, well never mind. I'm a person with a gold-hearted person :) haha
Charity works, me ♥♥. This habit of doing charity or involving in charity work should be cultivated to help the unfortunates. Once I reached at Sungai Buluh *somewhere* I was particulary in a shock a while, I saw hundreds of tables across the tent. I think it would be around 300++ over tables and it was really crowded

the "sirip yu" haha konon
Oh, I spotted a fashion noNo!! haha, saw that women's pic above???Her hair is curled and it was literally divide to two types of colour, white on top and dark brown below. Miao!!! SEXY? haha

I told you, look at the crowds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the women in the screen above with uber thick blue eye shadow is one of the teacher on SJKC sungai Buluh school (jesyllll told me), and she oftenly put on such think make up to school. haha
what a joke, looks like a clown to me **no offence**
I think I offended her when I said No offence

ended with artist who came to sing for the event. But i didnt manage to sit calmly till the end of the show. ^^ I am always like that. I ran to Chandran after that with the bf's fren

I got my salary**wink**** BIG SMILE

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