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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Genie's Hook-ed up Day:)

It's Saturday Night Stuff!!!Heart warming Birthday Hugs and Kisses.
Happy 21st Birthday to Ms Liew Jeen Yi.
These phases are done to death, but remain popular.
Turning 21 is a great time of life.It's a new coming of age where you are legal to do almost anything, include drink.
So Birthday been longing to go to the most obvious place to begin the social networks. *winks*.
Sadly to say, my soul partner is not with me to club :(

So here is the very "gonna spoil his image lots" nyek**nyek**
Edwin(I think it is spelled like that?)
A new friend introduced by the Birthday gurl herself.

Headed down Sunway for Barcelona Club.
Apparently there is a Event held there. DIGI.
Hunny Madu is there.**aint she sweeettttt***Okie, get to the point.
So basically nothing much bout, it is just liquor and chicks and guys and music and disco balls and Joey G!!!!

Genie,Liang, Cecilia

Okie this is funny, not that I often critized on girls's fashion sense.
Girl you got to keep your clothes on!!!
Keep your lil tummy no guys wanted to "eye" on that area.
Beside please please dont make sucha fool of urself.
You are craving for such attention that you "dance"in front of my friend.Girl if my friend were into you, he would already hook up with you. Not that u "dance" for so many times, once is enough, you get the picture.
Go try other skills lik girl or go to read some books :)

I'm mean enough tough*wink*wink**

The song aint that nice, sorry JoeyG. Just I'm not those type of techo song lover. I just love stick to my "pop"genre.
SO we been sitting and could I just thanks that girl *pic above*
She gave hell lots of free show for us.
Least we were entertained by her "dance" which is literally very damn funny.*rabbit hop*changed form hoop(optimal path) haha

Soon R&B and Pop genre kicks in, here we go craving on the dance floor and dance our ass of d like there is no tomorrow. We can see that this honey Birthday girl had found her new friend, he is Rattanon(Made in Thailand) and Jim(Made in Korea).

Hit back around 2am, tired already and There is still a limit of partyin around during Finals.**wtf**

And there is pretty much camwhoring posing session.really crazy!!!

Study now!

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