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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2nd -Day-Working

2ND day working ain't that bad either.
Still the same role, visit site. Perhaps most of you guys never been to site before?
I still can consider myself luckily ain't I?

First stop to Bangsar for wardrobe outlet near Audi store. I did not ask what brand the owner is selling but the shop was 2-story which is built in with surrounding glasses & mirrors! me likey :)
and one very spacious & huge rooftop balcony! we could even party there!!! lol

below are some pictures.
you guys may need high imagination on these,
in shaded grey, it suppose to built in mirrors!!!!
But now they sketch it up for easier references, not to mention this shop is built in with LCD's with different sizes*winks*winks*
dad measuring
and what I did?
I cam whore & viewing and sitting & loitering.
Ain't this a best job ever!!!!!

Too bad dad's client ain't free to have lunch with us as the owner of the shop would wan to make a spot check LOL on the renovation & the building progress. So I bought dad to Bangsar for Banana Leaf,most busy traffic restaurant, Sri Nirwana Maju.
you might want to get there early especially lunch & dinner time.
I never fail to get back there for more banana leaf cause it was damn good!!!
Sri Nirwana Maju
43, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, KL.

my fav papadum!!!!!!

So after the satisfying meal, we head on the Taylor's hostel project!!!!
blah!!! so damn hot!
boy , u still remember you used to love one of these. Here now I get you a picture for it :)
ain't Im sucha good sister XP

So our journey to the Taylor's site begun. I give you the sneak peak of the new Taylor!!!
you get the scoop from me!!! My dad gave me this safely helmet where I was like??

Me:dad why on earth should I wear those, not like I'm gonna grill those wall or semen those rooms"
Dad: you would know later XD.
Me: okieeeeeeeeeeeee...............................
now that I know why I need those!
I knock my head to the metals alot of times! damnit.
Clumsy people are like that, get it!(dad says) lol

this is the view of the admin's building.
Awwwsome rite?
Spotted the "lil kampung" built by those foreigners workers and they bath in the lake.
there is a parking lot as I had highlighted in the picture with arrows and word in red font

So how was it? nice?
I spotted an Indonesian Women works there as well.
I was truly shock that there would take up these Job as well, cause you need a lot of strength for all these heavy lifting works. Not that it is only one Indonesian or Vietnamese women, there is quite a number.

a dumpster!!! you just dump anything you would like to dump and it end up in the garbage tank.
you can also dump yourself if and only if you can fit in there :)

it is such a nice spot to have photoshoot.
Do you feel me?

Next round, I shall bring you to the hostel's wannanabe
BTW, the single room is really damn small! literally really very small!
Smaller than my cyber condo's single room
each single room is fixed with a controller and aircond as well

each single room with single size bed and study table

study table and cabinet

this is the LOO!!!!!! and shower room

Once get back from work, drag the lil Darl to 1u to shop shop! Well Is ain't me if I dont go shopping during holiday!
Spotted FLYFM(taken by Darl)
we got ourselves my very own oxford heels & boots for Darl herself!
Sexy pair of heels!
and I love the checkers blazer in Topshop!
we look so retro!
Darl in panel boycon dress!!!! Look at the sexyback!
Miao & her curves, okie let me stop my nose bleed first!
damn HAWT!!!!!

Erm I bet now darl is in bed(by 9pm) cos she is Sick! opps Did my virus just spread to you?
no? yes? hehe it's time for you to get your beauty sleep since like you never had in like in forever

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