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Thursday, October 15, 2009

3-rd Day Working :)

Day 3 working.
Nothing special, still the same old routine, visit site :o
So the very first site is the Casa Square site, Puchong near Neway & the Hindu temple.
Basically while daddy is discussing with those site's workers, I basically just stand one side or stand beside daddy or :)get my ass back into the car under air-cond.(the sun is blazing hot!!!)

BTW, that panel(sure you guys do not know cause not many people are expose to that, it is not a metal, ain't an aluminium too, it is call Panel/Alumon.
and the panel is not in words la of cause, it is like a sticker where you have to tear it to prevent from any scratches
DADDY discussing drawing plan with site worker

this is an sample of a "Golden Champagne" panel

Lunch with the Bigdaddy at Klang for Wantan Mee.

the hawker next to it is not open(where we suppose to have it) opposite Maybank, TOO BAD tak buka!!!
But this definitely a nono!!!

Next site at Shah Alam, this time is a Headquarter of Police Station.
My first impression was Omg the land is huge what are they gonna sell. How on earth it was actually Headquarter Police Station!!!!!!!!!
dad's friend ask for his help cause the new guy made a mess of the project, LOL

this is actually a Prison, pretty classic right!
under the blazing sun, Im hiding for shade!
oh did someone draw that in the Police Headquarter's area?

During the night, date with "the bf".
A quickie dinner at Damansara Club, hey the food the not bad okie. It is moderate and affordable
Go for a quickie movie too :)
It had been way tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long since my last movie

self pamper with ice cream, I should buy ice-cream at nice in the future, dey give you extra!

the movei is good:)
I wonder next time in the future, do we use Surrogates to help us in our job?
nothing is impossible
Technology is expanding day by day

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