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Thursday, October 15, 2009

4th day working :)

4th day working :)

Oh, I did just mention that I get myself La Senza's membership card :).. I got it just for sake there is a double discount on my coming birthday and there is some few discount too every purchase I made for each items! My mind can't seems to set a right direction after all for all the delaying where I suppose to get it long time ago, takpe la! since that I enter their store frequently.

A right foot step into dad's office. He is having meeting with his installer on the *dont know which* project. I did not pay much attention cause I'm way too sleepy ZzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzz.
So I just wander around in the office playing stupid game in computer LOL.
So after meeting, waste no time & we off to Bangsar wardrobe Building Project beside Audi
There are not much different to the previous visit I made.
Of cause DUH!!! Just a little slight addition of............................
one of the worker is doing welding
(learn welding more by clicking on the link :)
I'm sure you will be surprise
Oh these are the additional marks they made around the 2story-store on each wall.
For example: they have these Accessories Display panel marked
and bronze mirror marked
Now is the lunch hour, Spotted workers taking nap instead of having their lunch.
After all they are construction worker, one of the most tiring job ever.
  • They have to construct brickwork under hot blazing sun,
  • Carpenter who do woodworking,
  • Labours with heavy equipment or machinery,
  • Plasterer who actually put a form of plaster on interior wall.(I will take a pic of that if I saw that plaster thing, it was actually a huge size of a rectangle in white),
  • A welder doing welding ( pic above as I said previously)
  • and lotsssssssss more, But these I had seen so far in Bangsar's project cause it was half way through only.

Later on, lunchie with daddy at Gardens as daddy is craving for Japanese food.
Since there is time constraints, and this Sushi-Zen is what we saw in sight, so who, what, when,where care!!!
We finish it about 30minutes to be exact as relatives coming down from Sabah & we need to pick them up from MAS airport.

After picking one bunch of relatives from Airport, drive them down to Kelana Jaya for Bak Kut Teh as they are death starving LOL

my little niece :) 2years old only.
my 1st uncle's only son's daughter :)

okie sangat tired!!! off yumcha with my beloved!!!!
miss you guys so much

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