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Monday, October 19, 2009

6th Day Working :)

6th day Working :)
yet another Busy day for Daddy. Phew!!! Schedule is so tight, hardly breath, there is meeting after another meeting. Woke pretty early today,hurrying to shower my ravished body quickly dressed in one of the few work outfits, yet so sleepy due to too many nights, with too little sleep. :( . Went for quick morning tea with dad as meeting at 9am at Setiawangsa, but some dickhead human doesn't seems to pass message that meeting been delayed to 1030am, sucha waste of time. I could have sleep by then!! darn! I just hate those human who is not punctual!

Soon dad go to one of his huge client's house to have measurement of the glass. This Malay Lady is a very nice women in person who is also a children of 3 and a divorcee and damn bardly rich who positioned as an executive in a company.
Dad says "she only wear branded, live in luxury, friends of many Datins " wow!!!

the soon to be fit in Glass.
Later on, next meeting with architect in LA Architect firm in SetiaWangsa too. (most of them are malays)
Some really awesome design concept, structure, texture of the firm itself.

if you looks closely, the wall is made of small tiny stone-type-marbles
the hallway concept.
The firm was built in automatic door which cost high mechanism+cost

so Once i entered the meeting room, spotted few really antique stuff that catch- ed my eyes,
their concept is more on wooden base with antique stuff.
What a splurge on a such firm.
After the meeting, I sat dad's friend car and I look around and I saw this catalog of a modernized house with glass and panel. Awww. I love this concept. I sure will once day in future would love to have a house like that. It outshines!!

ain't it stunning??????????????????????

Waste no time, continue to meeting up with dad's friend named Aaron, an Australian guy.
He wanted to see the project that my dad currently is doing. So with pleasure, dad drive him to Subang site and Puchong site only but not Taylor.
Taylor site is currently given a stop work progress due to Ministry of Health found that one of the Indonesian worker had down with Denggi, oppsie what a pity. Probably it is due to the lake where Indonesian took bath by the lake and did not take precaution on their living lifestyle.
Think the Taylor's management is pretty piss off as they wanted to finish off the job by December, intake in January what!!!!

So continue with this Aaron.................................................................
who is single, available, hot!!!, rich!!!!!!, but a very busy man!!!
First site to Subang.

this is sealon. what is that used for? Pic below pls :)
yup you saw the black thingy side by side with the glass, yea that is sealon.
It takes about 2weeks to be exact to fully dried up!
It was really soft when I touch it but it is not sticky!
How was the glass over stairs? Im loving it
Next to Casa Square@ Puchong.
up to the parking lot.
on how construction worker put on the panel using fins( it is a steel)
This is am example on the Panel.
Previous post I had mention that It is not with working of cause, It was like a sticker acted as a protection. There is two company that produce these panels. One is Seven Bond as you see in the picture, another is Alucomat(which is slightly expensive and there is not much variety in colours)
currently at 8th floor, phew, creepy view.

Here is Aaron!!! hehe ^^,

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