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Thursday, October 22, 2009

8th day still working :)

It is easy to drive around Kepong-Subang-Puchong-Bangsar-Nilai, but it can be really tiring too especially comes to driving in a really long hours and long distance.
What really comes for Wednesday is that all about meeting with architect, project manager, site executive and list goes on..............................
Driving is not a biggie thing to deal with, the one that made you curse badly, frustration and all is that dealing with traffic for the vast majority of trips, yes all of us agree that traffic is an inescapable part of the lifestyle here and something visitors will not be able to avoid.
There is no real effective alternative for getting around from it, unless you are driving a car where it could transform and it flew to the air. Meeting was too boring for me! I spent most of my day sleeping in the car, how inappropriate, I KNOW!

So Drove down to Nilai to check on the on-going-progress-site-factory. Dad was kinda frustrated with this project which had been frequently changing plans, drawing, design and all and after 2years project, it is still left undone. But the final touching up is close and I can see dad is really exhausted dealing with humans who doesn't accept and listen how the concept works of the clading, sad to say!
Pictures below are final touch-up for sealon!

yea me again with green templete glass :)

the on going factory behind the site. Maybe they are buliding the office
remember the post that I mention about plaster in previous post, it has in Spray type too :)

the plaster

The crazy traffic is going to drive me crazy, from Kelana Jaya back to Kepong took around 1hour to reach, how pathetic! aww man.
Not like it was even far, I'm like going 20 or 30km/j due to heavy rain and as if I drive


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