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Saturday, October 24, 2009

9th day working :)

9th day working and still standing alive.

No pictures for Thursday as I'm darn lazy to blog about it.
It was nothing but meeting with dad's client at Damansara Perdana over lunch.
BTW, do you know that the new ISTANA is building now? You could see it over the hill after the Penchala Link highway and guess how much that ISTANA worth?
It is damn -1 Billion- no kidding! I wonder where does our money goes to now? oh yea partially it went into the new construct 1Billion ISTANA.
It is definitely not a prank, one of dad's old goof friend's friend was the architect for the ISTANA Think that architect would be damn freaking rich now! I wonder what concept she use, yea BTW the architect is a Malay women.

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