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Friday, October 30, 2009

Au Yong Wei Wei's Birthday Party@ Quatro Autumn

Another night in Quatro Autumn club for Au Yong Wei Wei's 22nd Birthday Party.
The petite hawt girlfriend of his invited me and genie for this lovely celebration with his other friends as well. It was quite a huge myriad amount of people compared to the amount of people I usually go club with. But it is alright, I'm ain't single but ready to mingle :)
Dude: Happy Birthday man, treasure your love surround you and all the best in your future

There is nothing much happening besides there is one exotic performance, SM performance.
Well guy lay down on table, half-naked and two hawt girls sitting on-top of him doing what they are good at-SM!!!

- editted: could I just say what a small world? Happens that the guy who had been SM that night is my sister's friend's boyfriend. WOW guy your fired pretty bad now :( -
Well first time to Quatro, not much my preference and like. But the Winter part pretty damn cold, well I couldn't keep up with the freezing temperature with skimpy clothes that most of the girls wore

Genie, Gladys, Phea Sun, Wenny, Cecilia

So we did camwhore with those SM performance, but apparently they are much more SS than we used to be.

There is nothin much to describe much that night except for drinking and dancing.

Au yong, Gladles and Cecilia
dont ask what I'm I doing, no picture taken when the alcohol kicks in!
ladies of the night
the group of the night- UKM,MMU,UTAR

more pictures available in facebook.

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