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Thursday, October 29, 2009

cousin's wedding ceremony @ Bentong, Pahang

The perfect morning breakfast with the family at Bentong famous Hawker center with most of the good food you can find for and it is impossible to get the same in KL. If you do, do let me know, so that I do not need to go so far! haha.
Usually all the good foods sells off in the early morning about 9am. No, I don't remember im good at jokes, cause NO KIDDING. My dad told me that in Bentong, people starts to sleep at 8pm, that is after I asked by dad why the the Kampung Chamang's houses all so dull at 8PM!
So that explain parts of why the good food sells off pretty early.

the infamous Bentong's prawn+fish fillet curry.
It was served in a very huge portion. Don't mess around with the owner, she eventually would Blacklist you out if you made her angry.
look at the size of the prawn compared in KL!
the beef ball and beef nerves!
we pronounce this as cen-dul. But there is a specific name for it and it was in Chinese, so don't ask me. You can get this in the morning market only and you only can buy each flavour max for 5 pieces. It was damn good!

After the breakfast, went over to cousin's house. One word! BORING!
I think I sat there about 2hours till the bride and groom arrive from Melacca, so what did I do there?

sister and lil bro sleeping soundly.*yea right* poser

Below are some that they use it for praying.

One lil thing to mention here, at first I was so damn numb about the pants hanging and it was literally so ugly. But till I asked my parents, these pants will only be hang if the elder brother in the family of the groom is not married yet, as in the younger one leap over the elder.
Oh goodness foods!

I'm really so lazy to blog about it, so lets the picture take over yea :)
The bride and groom finally arrive and small lil ceremony that gathers both family for this little celebration

So till then, right after the ceremony over. I quickly drag my dad out back to grandpa's house cause couz's brother house so humid.
Dinner time, as suppose you know I only had one thing in my mind = only KL people not punctual. How the hack this happening, the bride and groom are late for their dinner like 1hour. damn it.
so since there is still long way to go, dad drag us for ice -cream, yet another Bentong must try!
Home made ice cream, I didn't manage to go kow po for ice cream cause it is far away from the restaurant that we are having dinner at.

Dinner finally.
The b.o.r.i.n.g look!

my 2nd couz & the wife

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