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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Date out & couz's wedding

Speaking of Saturday. Its Deepavali!!!!! In every open house I visited before, you are bounded to be served on varieties of sweets. I cant resist of the milk candy! I love their spicy food and fish head curry, mutton curry, chicken tandoori! oh god-ness. Sadly to say, most of my friends who celebrates Deepavali is not available for open house :(
Like many women/girls out there, when there is a time they got bored-they begun to splurge on certain things. Is there something else has ever concentrated more than any of those?
I do actually :)
There is not much option, besides there is a warehouse at Midvally & Bazzar at Mist Club that I really wanted to go.
Bf wanted to bring me for Ikan bakar @ Mid Valley food court. It was really crowded at first and people are queuing through the long line when time struck lunch hour. It was like the hot spot of the food court, not to say that thier food is really good.
We ordered Ikan Pari with squid and Ikan Bawal :) Imma fish lover.
So here's the thing,we order, we chat, we eat, there is a feeling in my stomach "too excited to eat". We both seems hungry looking at this mouth-watering food. We both ready our utensils in our hand, our plates placing near to the chest,talking in quite voices as both busy eating :) we must have been like a couple of spies.
The Warehouse was a lil disappointing, maybe I hate crowded places cause there will be few humans grabbing the same item and you have to really fight for it to own it.
Imagine yourself in a jungle and there is a hundreds of hungry lions eyeing on the same food with their pawns ready!
I just grab a peacock blue colour formal tee for my sister as she officially starts her work.
Should I just say Hope you survive in working environment? :) sure you will.
I went for the Bazaar in Mist Club too!!! I saw lots of pretty pretty thing like a price shining an amour!lOL. It was genius to have online boutique selling their stuff in an open bazaar, the thing is that there is not much space to have your clothes tried on! But whatever, I grab few pieces :)

Gotta go back by 6pm as I have cousin's wedding dinner to attend & it is gonna to be a slutty wedding dinner!!!!!
Dinner at OverSea Restaurant @ Imbi road.
Time was limited for me. As i need to shower, blow dry hair, touch up, & simply put on something decent to wear. So this is the outcome! Ain't that fascinating, wedding dinner usually end up shivering if you don't put on extra coating on your skin.
My 2nd Uncle's youngest son, Vincent Chui finally tied the knot.
BTW, he was a twins!!!!
daddy and my 2nd aunt

Pictures below are taken by camera, so it explain on the quality of the pictures :)
sorry folks:(
the Bride and Groom's wedding album.

I hate wedding dinner?
  1. why? they are not punctual!! it says starts at 8pm, end up It officially starts at 9pm.
  2. why? the table sitting charts!!! Placed my table near the lift? so LOL!.
  3. why? the speaker facing towards my table! oh gosh. my ear-drum hurts!
But I love wedding dinner
  1. I love wedding!!!!! especially when It happens that I'm the bride :)
  2. I love wedding dress!!!! but too bad, you couldn't eat much as you might want to keep your lil bumpy tummy to be unseen.
  3. Who hates wedding? unless that the love that you crush on married to your best friend
complimentary gift and wedding picture as Door Gift.
sister and I
my couz, Juliana & I
couzzz with grandma.

My mood began to fall off, as my stomach been making hell lots of noise
** a sign of "I'm so hungry!!"**
WE sat in silence most of the time due to awkward table arrangement, I sat far away from my cousins. I cant promise I will go mad!
We practically bounced with excitement when the food arrived. Everyone grab their chopstick and served themselves, apologize accepted as they are hungry I supposed.
I had no idea what is the name of the food as the menu list is all in Chinese character.

suckling pig!!! yum

oh dad pratically ate the piglet's head.
There is one Unlcle dared me that he will eat the piglet head if I served him. Oh boy!! you mess with the wrong girl man! So I did cut the piglet head & served him in his plates. Guess what that corward uncle dare not eat and he went down saying "I go smoking"
Arg!! wat a dork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ritual vows and kissing and cake cutting(the cake is fake,stupid!!)
COntinue the journey of the food.

that's all for now.

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