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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grunting & Photo-shoot!

Now you start hearing me grumbling grunting about my Finals.
It is going to be boring! itt does!
Not that I mention about a single lil thing about my finals cause past few papers was alright to me=)
But here comes the "DEVIL" Cooperate Finance Pops out hunting me down! It was literally the worst paper I sat in my whole life, Yes I did mention it.
She is definitely looking hotter and I couldn't even recognize her!
So glammy n classy! living in a fabulous lane!

Hey My Darl looks Fab here too kay!!!
Her Lolita photo shoot, a favour from a friend of hers for the assignment.
Anyone wants to "rent" her for Lolita Photoshotting, let me know. I'm de new Manager in Town!! hahahaha
**pics below re-editted by me*

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