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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant @USJ10,Subang

Roll on humans, holiday just begun not long ago bout one day past**lOL*
and here am getting all dolled up and ready to get my ass off to the socialite world.
It has been way tooo long to meet the bf!!! aww miss him dowwn to earth!

So bringing him for Mexican cuisine, Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant ( click for more)
for our belated 1year Anniversary + his 21st Bday which both falls on 26th Sept.
Okie I get it, it is all cos of Final that made me drag till now :(

outfit of the day.
I just in love with my cardissssss!!!!!! (which explain tons of cardi in my closet)

I spotted very very weird sex posing by these "DOG", well anyone knows what type of posing is that be? Isn't that gay dog??????? LOL
But if you can see, the brown colour dog is really standing still or stiff or whatever you call that.
Uber funny!!!

the GPS really gets me annoyed by her "please drive carefully, turn to your_____, bla bla. think that would be my entertainment in this evening besides radio!
bo!!! Did I just scare you?????
hopefully you did, if not I failed!!! like an "F"
his T-shirt says "I love Bad Girls" haha
yum yum!!!

Finally Las Carretas, and here is the map!!!

a complimentary Nachos!!!!!
Nachos is one of popular Mexican snack food where usually it is a Tortilla chips and with side tomatoes and other spices as a dipping!

Get back to the Restaurant. It was insanely beautiful, with amazing Mexican wall deco, very original Mexican ambiance and colourful folkloric decoration.
Make your way down,scroll down to these amazing ambiance that I had been talking about.

I had my Weihenstephan
He has his Winhenstephan, one of the oldest berwery in the world

the garlic bread
Sopa de Rabo.
-Spicy boneless oxtail soup served in a thick broth along with piece of lime-
But it is recommended to ass lime in, it totally change whole new level of taste!
The different types of peper and onions and etcetc.
The bf's main course, the Mexican style steak
Braised Australian lamb shank
-Carefully braised with 12herbs and spices and served with tossed tagliatelle and seasonal vegetables-
girls might need to share, it is served in a quite huge portion.

My main coure, I took the authentic mexican food!!
- sliced beef steal on sizzle got simfull with sauteed onions capsicums and complimentary sour cream salsa guacamole cheese and warm tortilla-

the pan beef,
actully there is dish choices for you.
either you wan it chicken, beef,lamb,seafood.
the warm tortillas
the sauteed onion capsicums, cour cream, salsa guacamole, cheese
this is how you do it. all add and roll on!!!!!!!!
here you go!!!
and it is a must must try food when you get there,
no one leave without authentic mexican food, tortillas!!!!!!!!!

It get's into bf's attention that it is UGLY & BLUE!!!
So he decided to asked me to pose with it!!
the bf with his T-statement " I love Bad girls"
that kinda statement created quite a number of guy's attention!
Here goes the best part of the night!!!!
There is a free brownies with icecream and whip cream placing at the side.
There is staff who sang Happy Birthday to you with instrument as you can see in the pictures.
You can get to wear Mexican Hat on your Bithday!!!!! HAHA
Aint it so cute??
There is staff who asked me to sit on bf's lap and the Mexican hat thingy really make it so inconvenient for me to sit. LOL
Happy 1year anniversary to us!!!!!!!! & Happy 21st Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!

yea how to use the toilet.

I defi will go back for the second time for Mexican food for sure.

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