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Sunday, October 25, 2009

night in bentong

Talks about helping the bf to shift stuff to the new house, phew<>
You should agree with me that it is well-known fact that in this day and age, house shifting is tiring unless you are uber rich where you can hire anyone to do it for you without worries (leave it to the expert)
I didn't get to help much after all besides helping out on the house chores, shifting stuff in smaller size. How thoughtful Im I to help out before I took off to my hometown, Bentong @ Pahang for my cousin bro, wedding ceremony. Some bugger brag me for whole week to help out la!
Bentong ain't that far F.Y.I, about 40minutes destination from Kepong.
I bring my Nini along since that my whole family is sleeping over at grandpa house for the next morning wedding ceremony at Aunt's house in Bentong too.

so it was really late by then we reach Bentong, so dad planned to bring us over at Karak to have our dinner where dad highly recommend on their fish (some river fish)
The restaurant name, pst: if you know how to read den it is good, if not you be ending up like me Banana! But im uber proud to be one!!!
There is one fruit stall placed at the corner of the restaurant where also it is owned by the restaurant owner. Seems like daddy cant get enough of the Durian smell where he calls it heaven but not to me ( ain't durian lover). Since that dad, sis and bro are sticking to Durians, while me and my mom stick to mangoesteen and rambutans ( damnit I love these fruits)

.....................................the durian craving expression...................................

Argh! Dad and brother were sitting right beside me and the smell of the Durians from their mouth is AWW! I could faint by then after dinner. @@
the infamous steam fish( some sort of river fish with creepy row of teeth they have)
the soup was blah, overloaded pepers.

i told u, the creepy row of teeth, according to daddy, if this fish is like a size of small kids, it eat HUMANs. woot. a river fish could grow by that size and this fish is only available in Pahang

So what we do once we reached at granpa house, besides cleaning our sleeping spot, we makan makan makan. Bentong got not much entertainment but least they have good food.

This particular stall that only opens from 12midnight(no kididng!) dad mention about thier curry siam and curry wild boar.
one of bentong's famous wantanmee! It opens from morning till night 24hours!

the curry wild boar
curry siam

Dad: i wan more!!!!
Sis: yea rite

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