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Monday, October 12, 2009

Sg Buluh, Subang, Menjalara

Another day gone!!! Pretty Busy day.
  1. Got to help the "bf" to clean the house**requested by his dad**miao!!!
  2. Got to do some splurging with darl Genie.
  3. Got to attend friend's birthday party.
Anywhere lets start from here, I do not know which part of sungai buluh, but still sungai buluh la! me gotta start cleaning the wall, the bf's mom asked me to :( hehe.
But since that I'm free, so do a little helping. It won't hurt much.
Took a picture of "bf" haha & he was lik WTF! not moral project. ala takpe kan. cute jua when you clean house :)

sneak peak of the living room!..

After done with my **house chores** cleaning wall, makan with bf's family♥♥
But then I got to always like "pardon me, uncle can repeat???
Susah nak dengar la, aiks. my family & bf's family totally opposite!!
they are like soft-spoken ppl, mine was like orang gasar!! haha
Hesky too excited for me!!

So who, what when whatever, roll on going to pick up the Darl along & bf's lil bro, Desmond.
Got to fetch si Adik pergi Curve haha & bf said lets go curve while. So I asked the bf, is it that you wan to stalk on Desmond on which chick he is going out with??
Desmond in a very very shocking expression looking at his bro! ermmmm.......so it is true la!! haha
we hit it up to lelong! at SS15, Asia Cafe.
But nothing attracts me at all! lol
So soon we grab dessert at SnowFlake that I had been longing to go! lol

the beeping UFO

UFO datang!!!!!!!!! lari!!!!!!!!!!!!
So lol!
pearl milk tea.
Bleh so milky, i hate it haha. it is not as bad as what you think. just that I dont really consume much milk,so I dont really fancy it. BTW it's huge & it is RM3.50 (same as the market price)

Best Seller!!!
springy taro ball on grass jelly on shaved ice with added vaporised milk with additional milk as topping. YUM to the taro ball! I wonder what it is made off
okie this is what happens when you get to excited to splurge!!!
No jokes, it really happens. LOL. Quickly ran back into the car & get it fixed.

Later on,sign, super duper uber MAFAN!!!!
ding that person, who disrupt my plan!!
I'm sorry Mun Yee that I couldn't attend your Birthday dinner :(
So I only manage to go to my Secondary fren's Birthday Party at menjalara!

Me, Birthday gurl along with darl

the beautiful birthday cake,
Psttt....Darl thought it was fake!! haha.
well noT!!!!
i t i s j u s t a t h r e e - t i e r l a y e r c a k e
*surprisingly Birthday girl's mom still remembers me after for about 5years!!amazing zing**

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