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Friday, October 9, 2009

So? Let's burn the book

Bid Good-Bye to Finals!!!!!!!
Talking about the very "last" paper,Investment? I am just so over-excited to get it end real fast.
Then I shall just burn all my books*evil grins*.
Well You can't be so dumb dumb to believe that I'm actually going to burn my books?
It was like literally heavy,thick, a spell that effectively made me sleeps once I read for few sentences, way way"expensive", and etc.
But who cares, paying RM80++ per book for few months like 4months to be exact!pff@#$%^
My hell is soon ending in 8hours. Yipeeee!!!!!!!!!
and I'm gonna paarrtayyy all night long!!!!
Neh, maybe before that even happens I think I need to get some sleep! imma do not wan to be a drake panda Queen.

Lets make it fast shall we, pics below taken from facebook on Fann Wong & Christopher Lee's wedding.
Opss, finally this Singaporean hottie tied the knot, congratzzzzzzz to them, they looks awesome together so as the wedding.
I wish to have sucha beautiful wedding day too :)

okie stop fb, stop bloggin,
Continue study!!!!


  1. oh they are soooo sweet, perhaps next year CNY we can see FannWong in Melaka.. whee~

  2. lol sure bo. u pergi mana tao dia kat melacca

  3. no kidding, i thought he is a singaporean