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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


In Polyvora's connunity if fashionistas hunts down varieties of amazing products from any ranges of brands.
You can see by categories from tops, skirts, outwear, jeans, pants, heels, bags,etc. You can go by trend of lace tights, leopard print, acid washed jeans, bandages skirt, fringe boots, cocktail rings, cropped jeans and tops and many more.

You can even be an editor by mix-matching items ranging of all designs and brands! Below are my Mix-matching !!

1. The casual look- chucky bangle set, channel necklace, Marc Jacoob's Q Twisted bag, mascara, Suede multi Strap Platform, white skinny jeans, Ruffled top, and leather jacket 

2. Casual look - Fedora hat, effect flats, Suede Studded bucket bag, long love shape chain,short jeans, aviator shades, Pink O.P.I, Dolce and Gabanna's perfume, military vest and T-shirt

3. Carrer look - Lola By Marc Jacobs, heart shape ring, peep-toe heels, Grey wool check, bandage skirt, cashmere outwear.

4. Party look - Blue O.P.I, chain bracelet, snake cocktail ring, Vera Wang perfume, channel bag, black sequined bandage dress,channel eye shadow for night, cage ankle boot cut.

5. The feminine look - T&C heart shape ring, Alexander McQueen Skull satin box clutch, high heels with bow, DKNY perfume, Kato jacket, Strapless party dress with black bow.

Well you can edit your own style yourself now. *click here*

The shaved Ice for the chilly night :)

Moonsoon Madness!!
Malaysia only have two seasons, a dry and a wet season
We Malaysian are persistently in hot and humid and wet equatorial zones which traditionally starting in Mid-April and Mid-November.People would be more introvert this time avoid getting caught in rain or probably flood. Yes we are blessed that we free from volcano, earth-quake, and more disastrous catastrophe. But things are different now, anything is likey now. Just look at the movie 2012 on what the prediction on the world would be.

Anywhere rainy season for now and it has been raining cat and dogs yesterday(Saturday) and most of us would rather stay home drinking hot chocolate and sleep through the rain or probably human like me would turn on air-conditional with thick blanket to keep my body warm
Once it heavy rain turns drizzle, I was acquainted by my brother about minor flood at my housing are, so I walk out to my balcony and I was in *jaw widely open, stunned*

With a slight pause, I then grab my camera and snap some pictures. The little green was accumulate by expanse of water from the huge drain.

The muddy flood cause from the increase of the over-flow drain had now arise into the neighborhood. Awww, pity to those to live down the hill. I think I should be thanking my dad for choosing such good spot, least I don't have to worry about the muddy flood and cleaning it.
Even the dog dare not walk through.

Picture above with the black circle line is me with my brother and some neighborhood. Pictures from below all taken by daddy. I ain't some superman walk down the muddy flood to take pictures.

Here is the drain with accumulated expand of overflow water.

I must say aww that car is gonna stink man! I hope the engine still works. Look at the water level!!! 

Well another sacrifice made on his/her BMW where situated next to the drain, classic. We did tried to call the owner of the house, sad case nobody is in the house to entertain us. 

The another gone case car. :(

Look closely, the muddy water invade into the car!
So Engine still works? it is gonna be stink!
Imagine that throwing what-sort-ever rubbish into the drain and it all now goes into the car. ewww, I have to pass. Pity those neighbor's cars.

Before the rain, bf did actually suggest for jogging by the park at somewhere else. Too bad it rains, so plan gotta postpone till like 8pm. Mom kinda mumble saying it is cold out there and it is gonna be wet everywhere. Yea No worries, I can take care myself:)

After the jog, drove over to Jenny's place to give a little BOMBSHELL!!. Well well well,and so Mr William is here. Jenny will make him a very proper wife, it maybe easily believe ;) So here goes the double date to my favourite ice-kacang stall in desa.

oh ho, the wife to be Jenny is cam-shy with such outrageous pose! wow how could it be :)

My favourite Ice-kacang.
Instead of the sweet multi-colouring flavoured syrup, the generous of novelty drizzling of "caramel syrup"/ glucose which is call "mak Nga" in chinese ** I think I spell it wrongly** 

Forgive the OCBC here.

The jelly lemon with shaved ice. I believe it was way more tastier than in one that served in Snow Flake. No kidding.

After the ride back home sweet home, I know that the bf is hungry, How is it possible for his tummy to feel satisfied with just Ice-kacang?

Here the wanna be wife of De Silva family cooks him Yee Mee's soup with fish balls and lunchon pork!

His satisfied look! I think I'm ready to be a housewife! haha **joking**

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The New Moon

Hey Peeps! What is hot in theaters? The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Can I just say Chris Weitz and Melissa Rosenberg is sucha genius!!!!!!!! 
I bet it had sold out audiences at my screening heaving and sighing so often, how can you even not ***** when a young man's shirt came off which sucha "DAMN LOOK AT THOSE ABS
Here some recommendation to those who actually havent seen it! You'll need and a mask and probably an oxygen tank cause someone might faint cause of the Hot-ness of the cast!
I'm just saying! haha

Anywhere I went to Tropicana City instead of 1u, as there are more time slot for one movie itself. No kididng! A friend of mine told me and I give it a try.

Dakota Faning as Jane

In the clip, Taylor Lautner reveals that his character has a lot of action scenes. Dakota Fanning said it’ll be fun to play Jane again. The Wolf Pack actors said that Eclipse will be cold. Then Kristen Stewart reveals that her character Bella Swan starts to realize that she’s absolutely in love with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner),and it gets to be a big deal.
Taylor chimes in and says that Jacob and Edward (Robert Pattinson) will be forced to join forces to protect Bella. Taylor said his favorite scene is the tent scene.Then, the Wolf Packactors talked about their new member, Julia Jones who plays Leah Clearwater in the film. They said she would get annoyed by them teasing her all the time. Taylor caps it off by saying, It’s gonna be a great movie.- grab from some website-

Later that dinner back at my home, home cook love by mummy :) what makes me even more happy to have mummy-love-cook with my loved one?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quattro 1st Anniversary party!

You might think that I club frequently and YES I admit that. Please don't even name me Clubbing Queen. Those people kept on giving these ridiculous names where they judge on me. Seriously, humans who are well-educated could be very poisonous cause they only judge you by it's cover. Not like I had committed some kind of crimes, or I had S** randomly, or I take D****. 

The Naked Truth it is I don't really drink cause I don't fancy those super expensive bitter liqour, instead I usually drink coke okie and I do not SMOKE either, cause to me it was super damn smelly and sucha waste of money buying where you could easily harm your own body. Tricky isn't it?

Anywhere I'm so OVER *above*, time to get back to the Partying!
I was *drag-ed* to Quattro and I do tooo wanna go cause there is pole dancers tonight by 
KATSUYAKU GIRLS™ . Miao how could I ever miss to watch pole dancers?? With such skimpy clothes on and damn Sexy. Anywhere there is 6Girls and 4Guys*change of plans* Combination of FIT and FOM Students! yea!

they are from FIT's.
Left: Koo-ri, Mei Yee, Shasha, and Xavier

FIT's toooo. Shinto and Edvinn

The FOM's Girls! Shu Ting, Cecilia, and Genie!

We reached around 10pm and urmmmm the place there was like this SUPER PACK OF HUMANS*
Gosh we even hardly walk to our tables and yes most of it were adult, as in real adult! working adults!
The song was pretty boring for first few minutes we entered the club, and the smart-ass Genie said "What are you waiting for? Let's cam-whore !...........

Cecilia and Shu Ting

The ladies of the night^^

Edvinn Cecilia Xavier

erm new love Bird? Or I should say they had been sticking like a UGU GLUE , they are over each other that night. I smell something coming **nyekNyek**

Half way dancing with the girls, there goes the interruption of Pole Dancers. Soon then were drag-ed for close up! I tell you, I felt like I am in the train, pack like Sardine! People were literally pushing you especially GUYS ( pole dancers, GIRLS, SEXY GIRLS).

erm, those dances were ain't that really good as what I expected. Kinda dissapointed actually

As the rest of the girls and guys finish up the bottle, we hit on to Winter Bar, least ain't that pack as in Autumn and the song goes bad as some Hong Kong rapper rap vulgar word, something F*** Your M*****. That is pretty rude and those people were actually enjoying. sigh, forgive the think banana here cause I don't even understand a single thing he said once he start rapping, all I listen is @#$%IU%$#$&*&$#&%$#$%^&*

Winter bar is really cold, like 12 degree cold!

Mei Yee, Shu Ting, Shasha, Cecilia

the ladies need I say more?

my current facebook profile picture**love it**

Shasha and Koo-ri enjoying the fake snow

OmgFFFF, I love the duo effect!!!!! 
Genie, Shinto, Edvinn, Cecilia, Shu Ting

Oh I smell something here toooooooooooo.
Wow seems like in a night, there is 2 hook ups already.
Shasha where is your leng chai bf?????

Shasha, Genie, Cecilia

Walao! another hot hot hot item on the way!!!!!
God Bless you both!
I'm waiting for the Good news

the ladiesss

Omg#$%^&*, I love the lighting and the effect!

another off shot of the Genie and Shinto or I should call them Geto? Shinnie? Riko? Shinka?

Koori And Cecilia

Me and my Baby Shu Ting

Lastly ending with Shinto and I

For more pictures, go to my facebook, there is over 100++ pictures in a night.