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Monday, November 2, 2009

Alan's Legal Day + HotPot

And here today at D-60, Cyberia Old Town House with a group of people celebrated of our beloved Alan who is now legal to vote for the country and of cause legal drinking age or live the life of gambling. ^^

we had ourselves laid down to the "HotPot" with varieties of ingredients
such as meet ball, sausages, vegetables, noodles, fish ball, crab meat, mushroom, chicken meat, whatever you name it and with the base soup of TOM YAM
the group picture of the day
the hot piping soup.

After the crazy stuffing food session, here celebrating Alan's 21st Birthday ^^
Hope you enjoy to the max !!!!!!!!!!!
the Boysssssssss

and the ladies.
btw, the cake is heavenly delicious, green tea cake!

Soon everyone took off to their nest, haha, i found my nest! Calvin Low's crib my new nest.
can I just say we turn his room up side down, pst: I know you like it ( i meant that compliment thingy) haha
we had all tied up to this crazy-ness........

the looking sexy cute Darrion and Leong: what on earth are you looking at?

tha lashes!!! wild guess, whose eye lashes is it?
the wannabe twin tower
the infamous chef of the day ^^
the housemate and the birthday boy
the Ladies
the???????? who is that guy?
the super late wannabe cooking maggie, Big Ken

our craziness had exploit the D-60.ops

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