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Monday, November 23, 2009

Calvin's house warming :)

Open Moving into a new home ranks among the MOST exhilarating events in life!.It is definitely time to break out the bubbly and celebrate the new home! Can I just say phew blessed I'm not the one who moving away and not to mention lots of things to un-pack? :)
In either case, the bf shift to **** (done, I told you!) crack your head!
Housewarming party, what I can think of is ermmmmmmm Bored to death? Because bf will not be entertaining me for assisting his friends tour around and show his newly renovated home, and tons of relatives practically get in line to catch a glimpse of me =='' future menantu kot. It actually does freaks me a little bit.
and since I'm crashing bf's crib for 2days, means I have to help to clean up toooooooooooo include wash, scrub, wipe,vacuum, mop, polish, launder :( Joking except for the wash, wipe.

Bet his daddy is on cloud nine receiving lots of gifts ranging of vase, bottlessss of wines, whisy, rum, Black Label and etc etc. Well the bf's dad asked for Malay catering :) his ideal situation for casual finger food Yea!!!!!!! superb especiallly the mutton! gosh

the canopy set!

the dead lamb and also squid, chicken, fish, stingray, fried noodles, ice kacang shaver, kuih-muih. etc etc.

While waiting for the arriving guest, we did a little of help around including cam-whoring haha!

the bf posing !!!! with his myriad of companions.

the juicy squid that almost made throw up and relatives mistaken me to be expecting :( LOL
the superb hard lamb, damn I didn't knew they goes with black pepper sauce.

The so-called "wolverin"-- Matta, the so-called "spiderman"- Darrion and the infamous Satay Boy VICTOR!!
**Victor please dont read this sentence** :)

On Saturday Night, decide to call my CALL-Boy Aka Satay Boy- Victor Soh!

I'm on cloud nine, could even barely stop giggling, laughing, smilling,silly laugh. Usually Okason(means Mother) acted like that when they get to know that her beloved SON is engaged and he had his whole life time squeeze his brain juice on who to choose.

awwww. look at those beautiful rings on his fingers.

awww it is my second son- Darrion who got all those pretty pretty rings and look at his pretty pretty smile.
But seems my another son from another mother-Victor seems happier ==''
btw: look at that matt, after I dump the PSP to him, he kinda addicted to the LOCO LORO!!! yea

finally he give up smilling for the camera :)

Did I mention that they are kids everywhere in the house, and cute one!!!!
Argh I heart kids so much ♥♥♥How could you possibly hate them, they are sucha candy!

showing her ballerina skills :)

her pretty pretty smile :)

his pretty pretty smile and he is so cute, I think I kinda pinch his pink chubby cheek, His eyes is HUGE!

Oh finally Mun Yee and Kitt arrive, yea! I'm no longer bored. OH my life saver :)

Oh from left: Simon, Kitt, Mun Yee, Calvin, Cecilia
Btw, that is Calvin's dad= Simon.
I think he is drunk, me question me on IS it my daughter in law and I had to say nothing but admit YES.
Then his dad mention on he having his good time at Aloha Club, I think I would not enter That club ever perhaps haahahhaaa

Kitt, Mun Yee and Cecilia

While I'm gone, these two girls camwhored WITHOUT me. hmph!!! :(
act drunkward, bit macam je hehe

the random Pose.

the one brick man! haha

WARNING! Trespassers will be shot! SURVIVORS will be shot again :)

oh the busy man finally have the time for me.
this time sleeping in his room :) cos some random uncle crash my guest-room and slept on my bed :(

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