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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Camwhoring Lectures

Before I proceed, I got my Bang!!
YEA!! it takes me weeks, months to FINALLY decide on having a bang! LOL
But this time was a way Little little little too short, who cares? I shall wait :) cos it will grow XD

Much to the astonishment of many University or college student, us as a student sure had to attend lectures but the teacher is so dull as "he" manages to ruin it for everyone as he looks and he talks and he walks like----- uber strict, I think lectures should be teaching on more relaxing mood sign:( Few more weeks of torturement.

Every lecture class, there is a given short break and half of the student would go down to the cafeteria to get something to eat, where some went to LOO, and some human like me would start camwhoring XD
Me & Grace
the babes with Bang!!!
Grace. Cecilia. Genie
You couldn't even get Angel hair bolognese with white button mushroom and bacon anywhere in campus. I woke up early and prepare my lunch box( how amazing)cos
* the food sucks &&&&&&
*darn expensive
As i remembered one of my course-mate ate at the cafeteria and the took a fried chicken and small portion of rice with adding curry gravy, and greedy owner charged her RM0.70 for the gravy she took**damn it is just a gravy, not any meat also**

proceed to the camwhoring part.
rex and his forever peace sign. I wonder if there is any different pose.

the ladies
Joanne, Grace Cecilia, Michelle, Genie

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