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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cyber-P officially start

Wake up early in the morning, we make sandwich.
and we prepare all the stuff like a cat in the city.
LOL my own version of lyrics of Tic Tok! haha

Anywhere let the lame past, but indeed that I woke up early this morning and finish the making of Sandwiches. Shortly afterwards we all gather at my place to get started XP.
Exciting, anxious yet tiring. Imagine waking at 530am where your so reluctant to wake and we are having class till 6pm, It is like a killing machine. But but but despite of the selling fast sandwich, my hard work waking up early paid off!!!!!

The day was beautiful :)

no kidding on the indregdients!!!!!

smaking mouth-watering sandwichessssssssssss

Here we are getting ready at Misri Plaza!!! our base booth!!! and 3mobilize team!

time to divide those sandwiches flavour

my candid shot walking n looking for customerssssssss

The response of our sales is uber GOOD!!!
We sold off 100++ sandwiches in just 2hours!
ANywhere guys thanks for supporting!

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