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Friday, November 20, 2009

HotPot during the rainy season?

So what if it was raining outside and your starving?
What makes you wonder of what food is the best food during the rainy season? What do you think?

ME ?   
I'm better off for Hotpot! what is wayyyyy better than Hotpot during rainy season?
So yesterday a massive Hotpot parties at my condo, cyberia. Thanks to Phea sun who initialize it and the "chief" Victor who made it all possible....well never know a guy like him would eventually plan parties as he is a No-no party person ^^ I'm I right?
Anywhere finally my Blueberry-cheese-cake and cheese cupcakes and chicken pies arrive, just in time for parties yea :) oh you should really order this Blueberry Cheese Cake and it is a one that a cheese lovers would never miss it.
To order: it is simple, join this **Group** in facebook and place your order :)

just look at the thick-ness of the cheese........drooling 
the varieties in ingredient from chicken mean, fishballs, cuttlefishballs,seafood balls,meatballs, whatever balls, ,vegetables, noodles and etc.
(*terima kasih kepada matt tersayang yang bersusah-payah beli bahan makanan*)
-oh god, My bahasa is deteriorating man sucks :(

grace's finger and her balls

Victor (*the Cief) Genie, cecilia, Grace

Sin yee and Grace

Phea sun and I

The Financial Enginenering group of the night :)
Sin yee(johor), Chia How(Ipoh), Cecilia(kepong), Phea Sun(Seremban)

People says you do crazy stunt when the alchohol kicks in, probably I had pot brownies *joking* and I'm suepr uber high and lifting up eveyone, sound like a hulk to you?

Me lifting Grace up

Piggy back-ing.

Grace and Cecilia

Cecilia, Victor Genie

The Soh Brothers.
Victor Soh and Matt Soh

Major: Finance, Financial Enginerring, Accounting, Management

I love the drumstick!!!!!

The sarcastic and the bombastic of the house-mates of C1-7-9!!!!!!

Doont simply think! he is just my son :)

Oh jo!!!!!

Leong and his BlurBerry cheese cake,
I did tell you guys that is is delicious!!!!

Rex, Cecilia, Chun Ying, Victor

Lastly "tao Kai Ngam"

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