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Monday, November 9, 2009

My 21st Birthday - The day that I turn into a real adult


And now that a year had passed, and I am turning into the big 2-1.
It is a remarkable day that I turn into a real adult-whatever that means to you - anything or how it is decided by the world.
It is definitely not like how western counties practises this joyous occasion-like how I dreamt of in my Only Dream World in one of my favorite city, New York City. I definitely would get myself a limo- get dressed-go to one of the Hottest Club-hire Girl Talk to do live mash-ups of Britney Spears(love her to death), Hilary Duff and Maybe Backstreet Boys while I dance with my best friends and my boyfriend in dresses of Versace or Gucci or Dior with a huge enormous Birthday cake with white-pink-red icing with three-tier cake with a gigantic candle of 21 shape where hot bartender bringing it to me :) - and dine in a finest restaurant I could go in New York.

Okie, maybe I got to stop dreaming,lets make it happen on 30th Birthday :)
But since that I doesn't live in a dream world. In fact, I live in Malaysia- which is milesssssssssss aways from New York which is outta league as I dreamt for my birthday, especially there is a NO Gucci-Dior or Versace Dress for me :(
Although the reality of my 21st birthday may not sparkle in a city of New York, I am not let that stop me from having the best night of my 21st!!

But eventually the bf had come to such "surprise" arrangement for me and my girls which I totally ♥♥ him for that + _________________________--.......
Too bad tough, he and my girls are way tooo sneaky behind my back, so out of high curiosity, I log in bf's facebook account to dig the shit out of it^^ Anywhere I been crapping along time.
Here we are at Chilis @ 1u as Aud & Sam need to leave early:(

Audrey, Cecilia,Samantha
Samantha whom I had known for17years since kindergarten.
Audrey whom I had known for 11years since standard 4 introduce by a friend name Jenny

As we are busy-bee cam whoring, the bf (pic below) as usual busy eating as he was starved to death according to him. My biggest pressie all the way frommmmmmm ____________^^

Lay Ping and me with a 6years of friendship since Form 3
Ah Xiang, Cecilia And the Orang Serani^^
Xiang was layping's man. As you can see, his expression on every picture is different.
A man who know how to make my sister happy, I'm truly happy for you guys^^
He was over the top that night, so he now trying to be CUTE~~~~~
okie la, he passed!
tortilla chips!!

a birthday kisses for me♥♥
we aren't ready and here is the outcome
the infamous sisters

That particular evening, Audrey had cam upon with her Santa clause suit on and giving out gifts to each and everyone of us. Thanks doll!!!
she got hers
she got hers
I got mine!!
pst: sorry for the obscene picture, a bit too over-rated cause I am way too happy
so here is my gift with lp

the enormous burger
pita chicken
After while, both my girls Audrey and Samantha left the table, and here goes two couple Xiang&LP and Calvin&Cecilia............

i wan this doll? nope, dont ever get me doll! I eventually try to rip it off, I prefer clothes better that soft toys which I have plenty of it.
im too excited perhaps, forgive the mis-button cardigan haha

and the last the sweet double kisses from the bf,
pst: my head looks enormously huge

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