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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My 21st Birthday - The day that I turn into a real adult (Part 2)

The actual date of my Birthday is 6th November, so I'm turning to be exact a big 2-1.
Ain't a fan of alcohol and not being 21 has been my long standing excuse for not drinking.
But today would be rather different, I'm gonna do it as casual the better as I'm the Birthday Gurl, so I decide how it is done with a waving sign that says "I RULE!!"

Forgot about the fine-dine!! I'm craving for nasi lemak till I beg the bf.
Isn't that a bit presumptuous, demanding, princessy, self-absorbed? Definitely not, even since the food's restriction period, it has been a really long time since I ever taste that last nasi lemak.
Awww I miss the damn-good-fragrant- infamous-nasi-lemak-at-Damansara-Uptown at Village Park(just Google Village Park, you would get 58million hits on that)

Pst: thanks Dude & Dutches for the presents in the mail and few phone calls from friends and the flooded birthday wishes in my Facebook Profile.
Yup!! me and my mouth-watering nasi lemak

By the time I reached there, I hardly breath by the number of people.
his so-called ayam rendang, but it was actually asam gulai fish
the infamous Nasi Lemak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
infamous Milo Dinosaur too! this is rather different than they have it in Pappa Rich,
This was purely Ice-blended and a generous topping of Milo Power

After the incredible satisfying brunch, here we go to Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT!!!!
Argh, the day I waited for finally come to my pray...
He is a KING OF POP!!Salute
my pra So what I do after this, damn god shopping feast! As there is nothing really much to do in the mall, and those beautiful clothes display on the mannequin attracts me so much especially those woolen coat and cashmere coat!!! I need them desperately for my coming trip :(

Who can sponsor me this cashmere coat with a beautiful price tag worth RM600!!!

love the lace boycon dress of warehouse with worth RM500 too.....
aint the price really make you cry for more????????????????

Replacement of tradisional candle blowing and cake cutting to Waffle at Waffle World, it had been a really long time since I last came here with my girls. In those days, we used to crash over this place and we share one Chocolate Waffle :)

the chocolate waffle with ice cream topping with chocolate cream :)
my sweet tooth:)
the end!!!!

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