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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The New Moon

Hey Peeps! What is hot in theaters? The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Can I just say Chris Weitz and Melissa Rosenberg is sucha genius!!!!!!!! 
I bet it had sold out audiences at my screening heaving and sighing so often, how can you even not ***** when a young man's shirt came off which sucha "DAMN LOOK AT THOSE ABS
Here some recommendation to those who actually havent seen it! You'll need and a mask and probably an oxygen tank cause someone might faint cause of the Hot-ness of the cast!
I'm just saying! haha

Anywhere I went to Tropicana City instead of 1u, as there are more time slot for one movie itself. No kididng! A friend of mine told me and I give it a try.

Dakota Faning as Jane

In the clip, Taylor Lautner reveals that his character has a lot of action scenes. Dakota Fanning said it’ll be fun to play Jane again. The Wolf Pack actors said that Eclipse will be cold. Then Kristen Stewart reveals that her character Bella Swan starts to realize that she’s absolutely in love with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner),and it gets to be a big deal.
Taylor chimes in and says that Jacob and Edward (Robert Pattinson) will be forced to join forces to protect Bella. Taylor said his favorite scene is the tent scene.Then, the Wolf Packactors talked about their new member, Julia Jones who plays Leah Clearwater in the film. They said she would get annoyed by them teasing her all the time. Taylor caps it off by saying, It’s gonna be a great movie.- grab from some website-

Later that dinner back at my home, home cook love by mummy :) what makes me even more happy to have mummy-love-cook with my loved one?

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