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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quattro 1st Anniversary party!

You might think that I club frequently and YES I admit that. Please don't even name me Clubbing Queen. Those people kept on giving these ridiculous names where they judge on me. Seriously, humans who are well-educated could be very poisonous cause they only judge you by it's cover. Not like I had committed some kind of crimes, or I had S** randomly, or I take D****. 

The Naked Truth it is I don't really drink cause I don't fancy those super expensive bitter liqour, instead I usually drink coke okie and I do not SMOKE either, cause to me it was super damn smelly and sucha waste of money buying where you could easily harm your own body. Tricky isn't it?

Anywhere I'm so OVER *above*, time to get back to the Partying!
I was *drag-ed* to Quattro and I do tooo wanna go cause there is pole dancers tonight by 
KATSUYAKU GIRLS™ . Miao how could I ever miss to watch pole dancers?? With such skimpy clothes on and damn Sexy. Anywhere there is 6Girls and 4Guys*change of plans* Combination of FIT and FOM Students! yea!

they are from FIT's.
Left: Koo-ri, Mei Yee, Shasha, and Xavier

FIT's toooo. Shinto and Edvinn

The FOM's Girls! Shu Ting, Cecilia, and Genie!

We reached around 10pm and urmmmm the place there was like this SUPER PACK OF HUMANS*
Gosh we even hardly walk to our tables and yes most of it were adult, as in real adult! working adults!
The song was pretty boring for first few minutes we entered the club, and the smart-ass Genie said "What are you waiting for? Let's cam-whore !...........

Cecilia and Shu Ting

The ladies of the night^^

Edvinn Cecilia Xavier

erm new love Bird? Or I should say they had been sticking like a UGU GLUE , they are over each other that night. I smell something coming **nyekNyek**

Half way dancing with the girls, there goes the interruption of Pole Dancers. Soon then were drag-ed for close up! I tell you, I felt like I am in the train, pack like Sardine! People were literally pushing you especially GUYS ( pole dancers, GIRLS, SEXY GIRLS).

erm, those dances were ain't that really good as what I expected. Kinda dissapointed actually

As the rest of the girls and guys finish up the bottle, we hit on to Winter Bar, least ain't that pack as in Autumn and the song goes bad as some Hong Kong rapper rap vulgar word, something F*** Your M*****. That is pretty rude and those people were actually enjoying. sigh, forgive the think banana here cause I don't even understand a single thing he said once he start rapping, all I listen is @#$%IU%$#$&*&$#&%$#$%^&*

Winter bar is really cold, like 12 degree cold!

Mei Yee, Shu Ting, Shasha, Cecilia

the ladies need I say more?

my current facebook profile picture**love it**

Shasha and Koo-ri enjoying the fake snow

OmgFFFF, I love the duo effect!!!!! 
Genie, Shinto, Edvinn, Cecilia, Shu Ting

Oh I smell something here toooooooooooo.
Wow seems like in a night, there is 2 hook ups already.
Shasha where is your leng chai bf?????

Shasha, Genie, Cecilia

Walao! another hot hot hot item on the way!!!!!
God Bless you both!
I'm waiting for the Good news

the ladiesss

Omg#$%^&*, I love the lighting and the effect!

another off shot of the Genie and Shinto or I should call them Geto? Shinnie? Riko? Shinka?

Koori And Cecilia

Me and my Baby Shu Ting

Lastly ending with Shinto and I

For more pictures, go to my facebook, there is over 100++ pictures in a night.

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