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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Get ready to read the tantalising tales of forbidden lust of shopping

Shopping is a LUST and OBSESSION!

It is a statement.

Get ready to read the tantalising tales of forbidden lust of shopping during Year-End-Sales and Christmas. It all started when Phea Sun asked me out for the following day for some shopping. Thunder would probably strikes me if I Ever reject her.
Christmas shopping anyone? Need shopping list?

We all get dolled up at Phea Sun's crib while patiently waiting for another companions. 
Girly talk, nasty talk, sex talk, promiscuous talk in hush-hush tiny room of hers.
Me, Phea Sun and Sin yee were joined by another girl from accounting course, Gladys for shopping spreed. Once we walk into the mall, our heart beats increased in such desperate and ultimate desire.

outfit of the day: 
My drapped pencil dress  ♪'

Wandering in the same store for approximately 2hours less or more. Everyone is their hectic activities on grabbing clothes that manage to hold attentions. I should have valued myself for such abilities :) I am brutal and violent when comes to shopping, No body gets into my way.*ROARS**Move B_ _ _ _ _.

 I know I looks "dreadful " and "appalling" sweet in that white dizzy top

It is not OVER yet!
Shopping is addictive!  It actually Satisfy my hunger for such  trills :) and the girls were complaining the awful noise their stomach made :(

Phea Sun and I into Funky shades :0

 Three Financial Engineering Girls never get enough of cam-whoring. It does actually made me sounds a bit like who had been prisoned for decadessss and were actually first time touring around the mall LOL

Damn those pretty cashmere in MNG =(   Who could actually buy me pretty pretty this for my coming Holiday , it is gonna be snow =)

I finally gave up on those girls who nitpick about stomach, 
Time for Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner at Zanmai Jap

Salmon Don

Me likey the Gold-Lining ankle boot from Charles&Keith! Damn Sin Yee look Different here. Think she quits her lil peace sign and that is one hawt pose.

ANywhere, anyhow, I had FUN! thanks girls **gigs*
from left: Sin Yee|Phea Sun|Glayds|Cecilia.

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